A Pause In The Action

Howdy all –

No doubt you’re wondering, given what happened last week, what’s to become of Peach Pundit. That’s a great question, and one I’ll be trying to answer over the next little bit.

Friday’s walkout was unexpected but not surprising. I wish Charlie and the contributors all the best with their new venture, and I have no doubt they will continue to carry on the fine work they’ve put in at Peach Pundit over the years.

For the time being, things will be kind of slow around here. I’ve already had several folks reach out and offer suggestions. If you’ve got one for me, please let me know at clayton -at- peachpundit.com.

In the meantime, I beg your indulgence as we figure out just what the next chapter of Peach Pundit looks like.

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll let you know when the fire gets lit again.


Clayton Wagar

P.S. – In the spirit of days past.. Consider this an open thread!!


  1. Feeling the Bern says:

    For those of us who have been jabbing the conscious of all these former contributors, do you think we will get a reasonable explanation for why what they formerly did here would be any different at another address?

    And what about the Peach Pundit FF League???

  2. Will Durant says:

    I know nothing about WordPress and I do understand how much easier it looks from this side of the fence, but, and it is a big but, the loss of site functionalities has certainly been a hindrance to keeping a dialogue going here as of late. Much less a polylogue or two like we’ve seen in the past here. The fairly recent loss of which threads had been updated has had an impact and for me as I don’t want to resort to cluttering up an email box to see if new comments have been made to a thread I’m following. There is no clear indication of the nesting so that it is difficult to pick up who may be responding to whom and easy to respond to the wrong comment with a mis-click. The biggest hindrance to following posts with multiple comments however has been the loss of the “New” icon within the threads so that it is easier to find additions to the discussion. When there are 80, 90 or more comments it gets too difficult to even try.

    I realize also that the absence of advertising makes this a low-to-no-reward situation but your site has offered a rarity to many of us. Something for nothing. Now if we could only get our drinks for free we could all act like real politicians. There is room for PP and the new site and no reason both can’t be successful.

  3. Scarlet Hawk says:

    The rumor is that Clayton has proved himself a wise businessman. I can certainly appreciate and admire that and wish him well. There is no shortage in the peach state of folks with opinions regarding politics; you’ll find other writers soon enough and do just fine. I have no doubt.

    Many of those departed are friends; one is a previous boss, and fellow alumnae. Most are folks whose opinion I admire, even if we do not agree. Others, not so much. 🙂 They will all have their own success as they define it as well, I’m sure.

    I am especially grateful to Peach Pundit. It was here, while we both wrote for the blog, that I met Eric the Younger, my love. While there are many memories that are not as pleasant as this one associated with Peach Pundit, this is the one that stands out the most. All the rest seem to fade in comparison as I look back.

    Best wishes on the next chapter.

    • xdog says:

      Will Durant is correct on all points. The site has been less friendly to users and less rewarding to readers since its decontenting late last year. Frankly, I thought dropping functions was an attempt to run people off. I was surprised by Friday’s walkout but a big change in the new year wasn’t unexpected.

      I know sites that don’t produce income are very low priority unless they’re vanity sites. It would be nice to see PP return to being a place where you can get some inside baseball on occasion and easily post your view of same but good luck to you whichever way you turn. I’ll be checking in.

    • Clayton says:

      This post, and your post on LinkedIn, are untrue.

      I don’t deny talking with folks who have expressed interest in purchasing Peach Pundit. However each of these conversations is at the exploratory stage, at best. And I had no firm plans to sell Peach Pundit when the events of last Friday occurred. Nor was I actively exploring them.

      In a cruel twist of fate, the events of last Friday actually may end up pushing me to sell, or gift, Peach Pundit to someone else. I don’t really have the time to actively manage it.

      Perhaps SRG is being represented by one of the attorneys I’ve talked with in the past, but they have not disclosed themselves to me. I don’t even know Jay or any of the guys over there, except by reputation.

      So there you have it.

  4. John Konop says:


    You and Erick obviously have been very successful in the past in the blog business. As you know a successful strategy is driven by a rational goal. Your strategy for RedState via marketing position was clear, and executed extremely well.

    The PP morphed into a non profit volunteer policy wonk website, like it or not. Obviously it appears you and Erick do not want that direction. If you did, fixing the format issues after the hack, and compromising on how comments are monitored are minor issues. Before Charlie, the PP was not run like RedState ie a real business enterprise. I would speculate the conflict of interest with RedState had to play into that decision via having different investors.

    If you want to make this into RedState 2 type website you guys have the secrete sauce. It really comes down to what you and Erick want.In fact raising money would be no brainer via your past track record. Just my 2 cents….

    BTW I do think your blog post demonstrated class.

    • Clayton says:


      I actually never wanted PP to be a commercial enterprise. I thought it worked better with a clearer voice.

      I had planned to continue that indefinitely, but that arrangement was not suitable for everyone. I have spent a total of two, maybe three hours in discussions with folks about selling/investing in Peach Pundit in the last ten years. Not exactly an active work item.

      Of course I’d be stupid not to consider offers for the property, and if that had happened we would have followed the Redstate model and had generous profit sharing in the transaction for the contributors.

      However now, I suppose, I’m left with mostly a brand and legacy content.

      So I’m open to whatever – if we find someone who will re-bootstrap the site, I’m game. If not, maybe I just turn off the lights and let it stand. I’m reluctant to sell it, because it represents something more than an enterprise, but if that’s the best option, so be it.


      • Noway says:

        I’ve enjoyed this site for years and it’s my opinion that you should use what you’ve created for profit and should have done so long before now. I’m of the opinion thay advertizers would flock here. As an active poster here, I would not be less inclined to continue to participate if I saw a few ads on the side and above the masthead, ala Drudge. Hellfire, I say go for it! I used to read Bill Shipp back in the day like my own political Bible. He built his brand over the years and then sold it to Towery, I think. I hope he made a ton. My point is you had the creativity to come up with this! I hope to see a photo of you lighting a stogie with a burning hundred dollar bill!

  5. mondaymorningqb says:


    I touched upon it a bit in the previous thread, but a good way to move forward with the site would be:

    * Partner with a Cox or other large/interested radio/tv/media/legal entity that would kill to be part of pre-established political prestige site such as Peach Pundit. Doing so would bring an infusion of cash and eyeballs to the site to make it worth your while financially, especially if you have to do a tech upgrade.

    * Invite a wide range of writers to post to the front page including lobbyists, legislators, news reporters/writers from smaller markets, political parties and even campaign teams. I could imagine a point-counterpoint with Trump/Cruz teams, Clinton/Sanders or whomever depending on the editorial direction and political voice you want to take the site.

    * Make sure you get a competent front page/email newsletter editor. This person does not even have to be a prolific writer as long as they can take care of the occasional activities needed.

    * Open up the comments but add reader moderators such as the reddit model. Up and down voting capability that hides unpopular comments would also limit clutter.

    My .02 worth. The great thing about your position is that you already have the name id and contacts to make PP even better than before. You (Clayton) also have the tech background to be able to implement the changes including incorporating other apps/technology when needed. This is an advantage you have over other sites.

    The public, press, and politicians will go where the eyeballs are. Free the site and the readers will follow.

    • Clayton says:


      Thanks for your comments and those on the other thread. I appreciate the time you took to write them down, and they are heard.


  6. Raleigh says:

    Clayton, I don’t know you but here is my 2 cents. I was surprised at first however after a bit of research this must have been in the works from at least August of last year and maybe earlier. I have seen this happen before in the legal business many years ago. Whether this was a simple parting of the ways or a full blown mutiny it is now water under the bridge and immaterial to future plans. I hope there are future plans for PP.

    Charlie said “The days of what Peach Pundit was are gone, and nothing dynamic will ever stay the same.” I agree. Leadership steers the ship and whatever organizations are to become is due to where leadership takes it. To me PP of the last year had become more of a main stream Republican site. I had watched more conservative commentators and sometimes more liberal commentators be derided more and more. Still I came back again and again to read what was going on in the minds of those connected at least in some areas of State Government. Occasionally added my 2 cents whether or not my opinion was welcome or maybe not so much.

    Maybe PP can become a new beginning for others and maybe just a beginning for some. Whatever you choose to do with it I hope it stays in the fight.

  7. Howard Roark says:

    In the past PP had lots of inside baseball. Caucus meetings details were leaked before the meetings adjourned (two leadership elections changed this practice), which were to good old days for political nerds. Personally I would like for PP to be the Drudge Siren of Ga Politics.

  8. NoTeabagging says:

    Clayton et al:
    I came to PP looking for a better discussion of Georgia issues. AJC Political Insider was rife with schoolyard banter, bulying and spam. I found great discussions here. I was able to ask questions about issues and received great replies. I followed issues and found passionate informed replies from many commenters, others not so much ;). Sure, I indulged in a bit of personal soapbox from time to time and received a deserved slap on the wrist when needed. This was a place for the regular Joe/Jane to engage with the writers, investigators and sometimes players on the local political scene. I am grateful I found this forum and am at a loss as to find a substitute.

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