When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It

Late on the evening of February 13th 2007 I got a little wild hair to create a name – Icarus – and make a somewhat smart assed comment on a blog I had been reading for months. Almost 9 years later and after switching to my real name I find that I’ve been Editor In Chief for over five years. Until today.

When it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on. And it is that time.

Peach Pundit has been a great platform for me. A journey that began as an anonymous commenter on a somewhat raucous blog that was mostly a back room of Georgia politics turned into being the editor of a publication that is now a mainstream news source. I couldn’t have planned this journey if I had tried. Nor would I have wanted to. It’s been a good run.

Many times I’ve been asked what Peach Pundit is. I’ve always avoided being specific. Peach Pundit has always been what it is in the eye of the reader, the beholder. I can define why I’m here. Every other contributor or commenter has had to decide why they participate for themselves.

What it has become for me is a platform where motivated volunteers from across Georgia’s political spectrum – from an Occupy Atlanta organizer to a card carrying Freedom Caucus apologist – can discuss the issues that affect Georgians where we live in a civil and respectful tone.

I’ll admit I’m a bit proud of what we’ve become. I also remain keenly aware of why I chose the name Icarus.

I’m not leaving for greener pastures or a direct path to upward mobility. The days of what Peach Pundit was are gone, and nothing dynamic will ever stay the same. Blogging in 2016 is not the same as blogging in 2007. I do have future plans that I will not use this space or site to announce or promote. Instead I wish to thank Erick and Clayton for the opportunity, and to all of the members who have made Peach Pundit the community that it was and is for all of these years.

Peach Pundit began for me as a new beginning when I wasn’t expecting one. The next chapter is waiting to be written. I’m looking forward to it.

And I am grateful to most of you. Others, not so much.*




  1. Patrick T. Malone says:

    My best wishes for your continued success. Thanks for all you have done, are doing and will do to improve our communities, state and nation.

  2. D_in_ATL says:

    First Buzz; now Charlie. Have to wonder why the exodus.

    Regardless, good luck to you in your future endeavors.

  3. analogkid says:

    Well this is a bummer. Thanks for making me a more informed person (and for putting up with me). Best of luck to you sir.

  4. Trey A. says:

    Charlie! First Lynn Westmoreland announces he’s not running for another term and now this!

    Somebody go check the old Travis Hardware on mainstreet in Fayetteville and look for “Harper 2016” signs!

    … In all seriousness, Charlie: you’ve done a nice job with this site. I hope you’ll continue writing your columns for the Porters’ papers.

    I know you don’t want to do it here, but send me a note and let me know what you’ll be up to.

  5. gcp says:

    Disagreed with you often and you could be obnoxious at times but sometimes that’s what makes it fun. Hope you do well in future projects.

  6. Three Jack says:

    Will the next editor add the ‘edit’ feature back to the site? jk

    Thanks Charlie! I have been participating for an even longer time on PP and have seen it grow from a site where only pro-lifers were allowed to be front pagers to the diverse group now in place. You opened the site to a wide range of opinion writers which helped open my mind along with others I’m sure. Best wishes in whatever you pursue next!

  7. Lea Thrace says:

    This news sucks. While I am happy that you get to leave on your own terms and that you have great things in store, it still sucks. I’ve been lurking since the days when you were Icarus. You were always a favorite to read. Both as a commenter, front page poster, and editor. One of your posts was what brought me out of lurkdom and into occasional commenting.

    I’m gonna miss your well reason smacked downs of trolls and politicians alike. I am most going to miss your insight and the wealth of knowledge you brought to this site. Good luck and God speed (friend in my head).

  8. Andrew C. Pope says:


    Best of luck, Charlie. Your efforts here (and elsewhere) are truly appreciated.

  9. Tea Party says:

    Be well, listen to your heart, temper your mind, and continue to go forth and be brilliant. I have enjoyed getting to know you, discuss, argue, and agree – Often in the same day.

  10. Will Durant says:

    Without discord there is no meaningful discourse. This site under your administration has struck a nice balance in keeping it civil and therefore more productive. Whatever may be in your plans I urge you to consider the good of the citizenry first, party second. Unfortunately too many in politics today have it the other way around.

  11. objective says:

    You’ve done an incredible job here, Charlie, creating a space for respectable and meaningful dialogue. I’m sure you’ll bring that spirit with you wherever you go.

  12. seekingtounderstand says:

    Peached Pundit is where I learned to be a better voter! Thanks for all your hard work to everyone that donated their talents thru the years.
    I still would love to see peach pundit continue for us unwashed masses.
    It was the funny comments that made the site so fun to read. Maybe a
    Peach Pundit Returns kick off……………for the little folks who hear stuff at the water cooler that Georgia needs to know.

  13. NoTeabagging says:

    Charlie, Your posts are magnificent. I always looked forward to them. Great personal opinions and open, respectful discussions on pertinent issues. I learned a lot about local politics from your columns and followed the comments. Please keep writing, we need your voice, we need your insights, we need your questions. Best wishes

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