Morning Reads – Thursday, January 7, 2016

On this date in 1959, the US government recognized Fidel Castro’s new government in Cuba


Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. Feeling the Bern says:

    “We’re not talking about every farmer who’s got a poultry house that’s going to start growing it as a secondary cash crop,” Powell said. “We’re talking about a very rigid process where there will only be a handful of licensed operations.”

    Well for heavens sake lets regulate the planting and harvesting of a plant and reserve it for cronies. Why should a farmer have the right to grow a newly legal crop?

    I thought the Republicans claimed that government regulation is actually BAD for the Free Market™ System?

    Help a guy out here, this makes no sense. Does this mean the the GOP says one thing and yet does the opposite?


  2. gcp says:

    Atlanta Bus. Chronicle reports the Navy will name a ship after John Lewis. Its another bad, pc decision by the Navy Sec. Lewis has done nothing to support the military, never served and has no connection to the military. Lewis is merely a well paid, 30 year politician who has accomplished nothing while in office.

    • Three Jack says:

      Quote from the SecNav – When the surprised congressman (Lewis) asked him, “How can you do this,” Mabus responded, “I am the Secretary of the Navy; I have the power.”

      The arrogance of perceived power is rampant throughout this administration starting at the top. John Lewis if he were honest would turn down the offer as someone who supposedly opposes conflict/war and has never, ever done a damn thing for the military or those who voluntarily serve. This is a disgrace.

    • Andrew C. Pope says:

      Boy, someone sure is salty this morning.

      I would contend that John Lewis has done plenty for this country. Certainly more than you or me.

      • Feeling the Bern says:

        I was a Vietnam Era Veteran but didn’t see combat. Does this mean I didn’t serve my country?

        So yeah, where is MY swift boat??

        • Andrew C. Pope says:

          How about getting savagely beaten on the Edmund Pettis Bridge while marching for the Voting Rights Act and the months and years of effort he put into organizing that march from Selma as head of SNCC? I would say that John Lewis’ impact on America is felt everytime a person of color is able to cast a vote in this country.

          But please, do tell me all you’ve done to further the betterment of the United States

          • Three Jack says:

            ACP, getting beaten as a protestor while horrendous is not a legislative accomplishment (and it happened pre 1986). Next.

            I’ve done just as much to better America as the congressman which tells you everything you need to know about the congressman’s failure to accomplish anything legislatively since he was first elected 3 decades ago. Actually I’ve probably done more as a member of the US Navy years ago, but not going to pick nits.

            • Andrew C. Pope says:

              I’m not really getting why you’re so butthurt about this. Did John Lewis kick your puppy? Are you mad the Navy didn’t name a ship after you? I mean, seriously. Let’s review some other folks who have gotten this honor:

              Martha Washington (USS Lady Washington)… never fought in the Navy or any other branch of the Armed Forces.

              Harriet Lane (USS Harriet Lane)… James Buchanan’s niece, First Lady. Did not, to my knowledge, serve in the Navy or any other branch of the Armed Forces. And she got an actual commissioned ship, not a support vessel like the one John Lewis is getting.

              Bob Hope (USNS Bob Hope)… told jokes to people in the Navy, did not serve in said Navy. Not sure how making movies and telling jokes, even ones designed to uplift the spirits of brave men stationed overseas makes one more “qualified” to have a boat named after them than John freakin’ Lewis, but whatever.

              Amelia Earhart (USNS Ameilia Earhart)… not sure why you want to name a boat after someone lost at sea, but ok. Aviation pioneer. But never “served” her country and had zero legislative accomplishments to think of.

              Cesar Chavez (USNS Cesar Chavez)… no military record, no legislative accomplishments.

              Medgar Evers (USNS Medgar Evers)… inspired my favorite Bob Dyland song. No military record, no legislative accomplishments.

              Lewis and Clark (USNS Lewis and Clark)… no legislative accomplishments.

              Sacagawea (USNS Sacagawea)… no legislative accomplishments yet she gets a boat and a coin.

              Jimmy Carter (USS Jimmy Carter)… I mean, crappiest President ever, amirite?

              John Lewis had the bravery and intestinal fortitude to march headstrong into a posse full of Alabama law enforcement officers who were dead set on beating and brutalizing a crowd of people all because of the color of their skin. John Lewis was one of the 13 original Freedom Riders, again risking physical pain and the possibility of death in the name of equality and civil rights for people of color. He isn’t being honored for “legislative achievements,” he’s being honored for a lifetime of service to the United States as both an elected official and a non-violent protester. If you fail to see how the sacrifices he made in being a civil rights leader have contributed to the betterment of this great nation, then that’s on you. I am thankful for men like him who served this country in their own unique way, we’re much much better off for it. I believe we owe them a debt of gratitude much in the same way we owe a debt of gratitude to the brave men and women who get up every day and go out and defend us as part of the Armed Forces.

                • Three Jack says:

                  We agree on ‘edit’ button, progress.

                  I disagree because he is anti-military thus anti-Navy. I was in the Navy, worked unreps many times from the flight deck of the Ike. Thus I think I have standing to oppose this even though my opposition combined with everybody else means absolutely nothing. The ship will be named for a do nothing congressman who has lived off taxpayers his entire career without accomplishing a single thing as legislator. I think we can choose better people to honor in this way. If they want to honor Lewis, name an IRS office after him.

                  • Andrew C. Pope says:

                    How is John Lewis “anti-military”? You realize that supporting the military and being a pacifist are not mutually exclusive, right? As I demonstrated above, this is not an honor that requires one to have military service, it is not an honor that requires a history of legislative accompishment, and it is not an honor prohibited to anyone who is anti-military. Granted, I’m not sure what Sacagawea’s opinion on the military was.

                    From the article he obviously seems incredibly moved and honored by this. I’m sure if he was truly “anti-military” as you claim, he’d be offended at the notion of having his name placed on a naval vessel, even a support vessel. While I appreciate your service, as I’m sure we all do, I don’t believe it makes you an arbiter of who does and who doesn’t qualify for this honor.

                    • Three Jack says:

                      Like I said, my opinion changes nothing so not trying to be arbiter of anything. As SecNav said, “I am the Secretary of the Navy; I have the power.” He does so all the rest of us are powerless to do anything other than pontificate on the topic. Maybe you can schedule a visit once the good ship Lewis gets to floating.

              • gcp says:

                Martha Washington beside the obvious connection often visited troops in the field and her husband during revolutionary war

                Harriet Lane discussed below

                Bob Hope. Check with any Vietnam, Korea or WW2 vet

                Earhart awarded distinguished flying cross by Congress and aviation pioneer

                Chavez, Evers were Mabus choices

                Lewis Clark, Sacagawea historic characters important to early development of our country

                Carter was Naval Academy grad. Served in Navy several years also was commander-in-chief

    • Ellynn says:

      Its a US Navel Service (USNS) vessel, not a US Navy (USS) vessel .USNS are mainly civilian run with Navy command, and operate support and supple service duty for the entire DoD. They come up the Savannah River all the time to transport Army equipment overseas. They are traditionally named for non-military personal and events. Example, USNS Bob Hope, and USNS Fisher (after Zachary Fisher) which are Bob Hope Class ROLO, or the USNS Amelia Earhart, and USNS Sacagewea, which are Lewis and Clark class cargo ships. Since the USNS John Lewis is the first of it’s class of oilers to be named, the ship design will be know as the John Lewis Class Replenishing Oiler.

      • gcp says:

        It’s still a Navy vessel whether it’s a support ship or combat ship. To name it after a sitting politician who has no positive connection to the military is an embarrassment.

        If something is to be named after Lewis, maybe it should be the useless Atlanta Trolley which he supported. It could be named the “John Lewis trolley folly to nowhere.”

        • Ellynn says:

          Here is a list of all military USNS ships currently in use. Please note the number that have no military connects listed. We get it; you have little to no use for John Lewis. (A few names should send you on a tirade…)

          And if you want to go off on a USS Navy fighting/combat vessel (with actual members of the US Navy running the thing) named after a US congress member with no military connection – you still have the USS Gabrielle Giffords.

  3. Andrew C. Pope says:

    Rick Scott: the man who hates government spending unless it’s coming to him as the result of rampant Medicaid fraud.

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