State Rep. plans to file bill halting executive appointments of legislators

Representative David Stover has announced his plans to file legislation that would prohibit members of the Georgia General Assembly from being appointed by the Governor to any position as a state employee while they are serving in the legislature – and for the one year following their departure from the General Assembly.

The bill seeks to curtail the continued appointments by the Governor of members of the Georgia General Assembly. The process has long been scrutinized as suspicion grows that some elected officials serve for the purpose of appointments -be it to the Court of Appeals or as a well-compensated head of a state governmental agency – instead of to be a voice of The People. Legislators who oppose the appointments have long claimed political favors and votes are exchanged for the coveted positions, but little can be done when the Governor exercises his executive authority.

Additionally, when an appointment is made in the middle of a term, tax payers are saddled with the bill of a special election to fill the vacant seat.

The forthcoming legislation would halt all appointments of legislators effective immediately.

The legislation is expected to be filed some time Wednesday. Whether or not it will make it out of committee chaired by legislators who would lose the benefit of appointments remains to be seen.


  1. Will Durant says:

    Why not just take away the Governor’s ability to hire and fire at all levels of state government outside of the Executive Branch?

  2. Will Durant says:

    Also any legislator leaving office prior to the end of their term without a valid excuse should forfeit the contents of their “campaign funds” to help defray the expense of the special election. The only valid excuse being the requirement of a dirt nap. Similarly judges should also serve out their full term unless they are going in front of a higher court. Allowing the Governor to appoint (anoint?) their successor rather than the voters is just plain wrong.

  3. Michael Silver says:

    This is an important reform that all sides should support. I’ll share an example how a Governor used his appointment power to override what the Georgians want.

    In 2014, Gov. Deal wanted to kill the gun bill without leaving his fingerprints on the murder weapon. He promised Senator Jesse Stone a judgeship to do his dirty work. Senator Stone proposed a substitute which passed out of his committee.

    This corrupt promise was reported on Peachpundit in March 2014, “It has been predicted that in the coming days Senator Stone will offer a committee substitute to HB 875, the carry bill that was said to pass without doubt this session. It has been predicted that this substitute will essentially water it down enough to render its edges smooth. And, for the heat Stone shall take, his reward will be that shortly following session he will be appointed judge by Governor Deal. ”

    We should have a Legislature that is independent and not beholdened to anyone but the citizens of Georgia. When Gov. Deal bribes Legislators to do his bidding, then that is wrong and should be stopped.

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