Allen Peake Releases Details of Proposed Medical Marijuana Legislation

State Rep. Allen Peake of Macon will file legislation that both expands the list of conditions under which patients can obtain medical marijuana and permits for the first time the cultivation of the plant for medical purposes in the state of Georgia. Details of the legislator’s plans were first reported by Atlanta’s 11 Alive. From their story:

In the new legislation, Peake aims to add Alzheimer’s, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Aids, Tourette’s syndrome, and intractable pain. Intractable pain will be the most controversial because it will allow the greatest number of patients to have access to cannabis.Currently, there are 465 patients on the medical marijuana registry in Georgia.

As part of the legislation, Peake is also pushing for a limited number of licensed growers to provide the state’s patients with medical cannabis. Peake foresees anywhere from two to six licenses being issued depending on a number of qualifying factors.

Following the passage of H.B. 1 during the 2015 session, Peake led a study committee over the summer that looked into expanding medical marijuana usage in the Peach State. That committee ended up making no recommendations. Governor Deal has indicated he is not in favor of in-state cultivation of medical marijuana.

On Tuesday, Peake released a video in support of his proposed legislation.


  1. Feeling the Bern says:

    There are still several bills regarding cannabis regulation that lack sponsorship.

    Please contact your representatives and ask them to co-sponsor meaningful cannabis reform, reminding them that granting a few cronies licenses to grow a simple plant is not a long term solution.

    Also vote for Bernie Sanders or Rand Paul, both have come out as in favor of removing cannabis from Schedule 1 CSA.

    If Nathan Deal got a cancer, do you think he would fly to CO for oils? You betcha!

  2. chefdavid says:

    So would this align with the 6 casino’s as kinda of a get away from the blue law zones? I am joking. I think they should legalize it. This is a step in the right direction. I am betting that only having so few sign up is that there is no legal way to get it right now and most would rather have a unprocessed product also not a oil. It will be interesting to watch. All’s we need is it to go to rules committee and when the chair is out for a day Vice Chair Peake can send it to the floor for a vote.

  3. John Konop says:

    Time to end the War on Drugs! This money is being used by gangs and or terrorist groups to finance mayhem against us. If you are really serious about protecting the innocent this is a obvious solution. Any damage done by drug use is choice, damage by terrorist and or gangs is not!

    ……..U.S. Legalization of Marijuana Has Hit Mexican Cartels’ Cross-Border Trade……

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