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The Bibb Democratic Party Has Some Problems

Fifth Bibb County Democrat Chairman in 20 months; Near Fist Fights and Public Disagreements

From Phillip Ramati at Macon.com, we get the story on the internal wranglings of the Bibb County Donkeys. The latest kerfuffle appears to be spurred on by the coming consolidation between Bibb County and the City of Macon and, of course, the elections which would then result.

The timing of the election has been under study by the US Department of Justice with Democrats and the Bibb County African-American community pushing for the elections to be held in November at the time of the general elections. Other members of the community wanted the election held sooner. One of the two Democrat appointees to the local elections board, Steve Allen, sided with those wishing to have the election on the earliest possible legal date, September 17th. This vote caused some hard feelings.

At this time there seems to be more concern regarding the proper apportionment of blame than a plan for the future. This has left some members less than overjoyed.

“What disappoints me is all of the petty crap,” said former party chairman Daryl Morton, who resigned from his position in November 2011. “It’s nothing but a circular firing squad.”

And what would a story about Bibb County politics be without the controversial Elaine Lucas. Lucas dismisses any disagreements within the party – after all it was only a near fistfight.
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Is Elaine Lucas the Face of the First Amendment?

One could see it as a vindication of first amendment rights or as a permission slip for publicly elected officials to bully the electorate. Either way, the ethics charges against Macon Councilwoman Elaine Lucas have been dismissed by Municipal Court Judge Robert Faulkner.

The article on Macon.com, written by Jim Gaines quotes Lucas as saying, “I’m pleased with the decision, and I think we all knew that it was a frivolous complaint, but this kind of thing has to be stopped. People can’t just complain and interrupt the work that I’m trying to do for my constituents.”

Okay, you can stop laughing now. No, really, I’m sure Elaine Lucas thinks that she is all kinds of important and not just the best example of why Macon is stuck in a backwards-town mentality while pretending to be a city.

Lucas, whose political strategy appears to be “racially divide and conquer”, is only popular relative to the dislike of her “enemies”. So if Lucas invents her enemies and ascribes terrible motives to those enemies, should we be surprised? Does it really matter if she just makes things up?

The judge’s ruling was simply that Elaine Lucas did not violate the city’s ethics code. If this is the case, then it may be time for the City of Macon to re-evaluate its ethics code. Also from the article:

Describing the complaint as the work of an “organized Republican and tea party effort to discredit her,” Lucas alleged that it stemmed from her support for President Barack Obama. She said she would see about taking any legal action in reply.
Faulkner’s decision Tuesday morning says that ultimately, Lucas has the First Amendment right to say what she wants — but the last line leaves open the possibility of civil suits for libel or slander, which wouldn’t come through Faulkner’s courtroom.
On Sept. 12, local Republican Party leader and “We Are Politics” blog author Bill Knowles filed the complaint, which accused Lucas of violating the city’s ethics code by stirring up racial divisions, alleging conspiracies against her, and describing political opponents as Ku Klux Klan members.

Lucas is considering filing counter-charges, because benefiting from the first amendment and then using the court system to stifle the speech of others is just how she rolls.

So, is Elaine Lucas the face of the First Amendment or just a political bully? You call it, but if I were the First Amendment I would rapidly seek a really, really good PR firm.

Macon City Council misses forest for the trees

(This post originally attributed the “security camera” regulations to the Macon City Council, rather than the Bibb County Commission. That error has been fixed, below.)

As Erick continues his Magical Media Tour, back in Macon the City Council has again shown that it doesn’t understand band-aids can’t fix a deep gash to the bone.

Just three months ago, the Council Bibb County Commission tried to push through regulations on small business to help them “fight crime.”

The draft code is meant to cover banks, convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor shops and fast-food restaurants, as well as shopping centers of at least four businesses. Cameras would be required on every entrance, including fire exits; on cash registers; and outside on all parking areas.

Understandably, small businessmen and women reacted…poorly…to such a proposal as they had trouble understanding why the tax dollars they already were paying to city government couldn’t be used for a more inventive solution such as deploying sufficient police forces to fight crime utilizing an effective strategy.

Now, sans Erick, the Wizards of Smart in the Macon City Council, learning nothing from their colleagues on the County Commission, have a new solution to fight crime:

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