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Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker Back Clay Cox For CD-7

Found this in my in-box as well:

Clay Cox is proud to announce that Georgia’s first Republican governor since reconstruction, the Honorable Sonny Perdue, will host a fundraiser rally for the Clay Cox for Congress campaign.

Cox, a Republican state legislator from Lilburn, is running to replace the retiring U.S. Rep. John Linder. The primary election will be held on July 20 – barely more than three weeks from now.

“Obviously, we’re thrilled that the Governor is supporting this campaign,” Cox said. “This is more proof that those with the highest desire to see the state succeed want a Congressman with experience balancing a family budget, balancing a business budget and balancing a state budget.”

Joining the governor will be Georgia’s House Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.

The event will be held the evening of July 13 at 550 Trackside, the historic gathering place on North Clayton Street in Lawrenceville.

I find this one interesting because Cox began the campaign somewhat positioned as the outsider of this campaign, set to take on “the insider” Don Balfour. Though there are now quite a few challengers positioning themselves as outsiders and Clay as “the establishment”, it will be interesting to see if Cox can hold his original base while merging those voters with those who follow the establishment. It’s a delicate act, but if he can pull it off, he’ll win big.

Clay Cox Would Like To Remind You That He Has Some Endorsements Too

Clay Cox enters todays battle of dueling endorsement press releases with the following:

Cox thanks long list of supporters

State Rep. Clay Cox, Republican candidate for Congress, offers his
congratulations to those candidates in the District 7 race who have received an endorsement or two.

Cox also wants to thank those who have endorsed him including:

Local leaders
Gwinnett County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau
Mayor James V. Burgess Jr., of Social Circle
Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman
Councilmember Johnny Crist, of Lilburn
Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway
Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer, of Snellville
Councilmember Eddie Price, of Lilburn
Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith
Councilmember Katie Hart Smith, of Lawrenceville
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Signs Of Life For A Competitive GA-7 Race?

Last week, I observed that there was very little coming out of the GA-7 Congressional contest to replace John Linder.

Today, we get what I would call a surprise endorsement of Chuck Efstration by powerful and well respected D.A. Danny Porter, along with the current and several past presidents of the Gwinnett Bar Association.

I still have to believe that Clay Cox is the front runner. But I also believe that a safe Republican seat will not be handed over to anyone without a fight. And it looks like Chuck Efstration is preparing to bring his “A” game.

Full press release after the fold. Read more

Return Of FairTax! Friday

For a while, we had a customary open thread on Fridays where we allowed an open thread to discuss the non-state issue of the FairTax! (I’m sure it comes as a surprise to supporters of John Oxendine, Maria Sheffield, and others that the FairTax! isn’t a state issue, but please don’t wake them while they’re sleepwalking. It may be dangerous.)

I’m bringing back the discussion today because the lead huckster Congressman who has been pushing the FairTax! book bill is retiring, and there is a multi-person battle on to be his replacement.

And frankly, I don’t see people talking about, or frankly interested in, this race. Sure, we get daily press releases telling us what perceived front runner Clay Cox had for breakfast. I promise we’ll print one when we deem it worthy of the usual scorn a post-worthy press release usually gets from the Peach Pundit community.

Rob Woodall, the 40 year old chief of staff of Linder has a credit for co-authorship of the 2nd FairTax! book, and has the backing of Neil Boortz and John Linder, but we’re not sure who else. Chuck Efstration made things interesting by jumping into the race from his position as Gwinnett GOP Chairman, presumably bringing somewhat of a grassroots network with him.

Other names on the ballot are Jeff Fincher, Ronnie Grist, Jody Hice, Tom Kirby, Tom Parrott, and Democrat Doug Heckman.

I spent a good bit of time at the early stages of the GA-9 race in that district trying to find out who the players were. But in doing so, I got a few trips to the Georgia mountains. I’m not real keen on spending any more time on Hwy 78 than I have to, so I’m turning to our Peach Pundit community for a primer on this race.

What are you hearing, who are these people who appear lesser known that the first three, and what are the compelling reasons to send any of them to Washington.

And if you don’t know the answers either, then consider this an OPEN THREAD: