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Death Penalty Opponents Take Page From Pro-Life Playbook

One of the more facinating ironies in politics is that those who are pro-life and those who oppose the death penalty are often ideologically opposed on most issues. But with the following press release, the Southern Center for Human Rights, one of the nations most strident opponents of the Death Penalty, are taking a page out of the pro-life playbook. They’re going after the doctors who assist in the procedure:

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Today, the Southern Center for Human Rights (“SCHR”) filed a complaint withthe Georgia Composite Medical Board against Carlo Anthony Musso, MD, seeking the revocation or suspension of his medical license based upon his involvementin illegally importing and distributing the drug, sodium thiopental, to be used in carrying out the death penalty.

The law, both federal and state, is clear: no person or organization may import or distribute a controlled substance without first registering with both the Georgia Board of Pharmacy and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) of the Attorney General. The complaint filed today presents evidence that Carlo Anthony Musso, M.D., owner and operator of the Georgia-based companies Correct Health and Rainbow Medical Associates, had no such licenses when he imported sodium thiopental into the United States and distributed it to the departments of corrections in Kentucky and Tennessee. In doing so, Dr. Musso violated a host of state and federal criminal laws including, for example, both the state and federal Controlled Substances Acts. Read more

We’re All Republicans Now: Mike Cheokas Edition

ATLANTA – State Representative Mike Cheokas of Americus today announced that he is joining the House Republican Caucus and resigning from the House Democratic Caucus.“I made this decision in careful consultation with members of my community after being approached by many of them and hearing their thoughts,” said Rep. Cheokas. “As a member of the House since 2004, I have been driven to best represent the needs and interests of my constituents at the State Capitol in Atlanta. My fiscally conservative voting record reflects that effort and the views of my constituents, which ultimately led me to join the House Republican Caucus.”

With today’s announcements, the Georgia House of Representatives now consists of 114 Republicans, 63 Democrats, and one independent. Two seats are currently vacant due to the passing of Rep. Tony Sellier (R-Fort Valley) and the appointment of Rep. Mark Williams (R-Jesup) as Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

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Vote For GA – GA National Guard

I’m taking a break from my fishing trip to see if there’s at least one thing we can agree on: Georgia’s National Guard has severed as proudly as any, and sacrificed more than any.

I’ll ask you to take a moment, click THIS LINK, and vote for Georgia’s video.

Voting will end today (9/14), possibly as early as 9:00am. So vote early, and if you can, vote often.

I’ll be back to resume irregular programming shortly.

Going Fishing

Yep, stealing the headline from Jim Galloway. I hope he won’t mind. He’ll have to find me if he does.

The sun will rise in the East shortly, and then some workers in Fulton County and possibly Gwinnett will total the last remaining absentee ballots. More than likely, my candidate for the top of the Republican candidate “did not win”.

I’ll be taking some of my own advice that I’ve given others here at various times, and taking a break before commenting on yesterday’s election, or the November one. I have a lot of “real” work to catch up on, and hopefully a short trip when that is under control. Regardless, I’m out for about a week or so.

A few of you will miss me. Others, not so much.

In the mean time, congrats to those who did win tonight. I’ll see you guys later.

Landmark Final Poll: Deal Closes Gap To “Statistical Tie” With Handel; Hudgens, Olens Enjoy Solid Leads

From a press release. Get your crosstabs here after 4:30pm:

Landmark Releases Poll – Deal Fights Back, Governor’s Race Now “Toss Up”; Olens Leads Attorney General, Hudgens Leads For Insurance

(Duluth)—Within the last week former U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal has closed the gap on former Secretary of State Karen Handel in the Republican gubernatorial runoff contest, according to a poll conducted by Landmark Communications Inc.

Deal now leads by a razor-thin 2% margin, though this margin is clearly the 3.9% margin of error for this survey. Deal leads 44-42% over Handel with 14% saying they will vote but are still undecided. Based on a previous Landmark poll conducted August 1st, Deal has moved up eleven percentage points over the past week, from nine back to two ahead.
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Landmark Poll: Woodall Opens Big Lead Over Hice

From a Landmark Communications Press Release:

Landmark Releases Poll for Seventh Congressional Runoff: Former Linder Chief of Staff Woodall Leads

Woodall leading up to Aug. 10 election, Gwinnett margin is major factor

(Duluth)—Former Chief of Staff to Congressman Rob Woodall has a solid lead over Jody Hice in Tuesday’s 7th Congressional District Republican runoff election, according to a poll conducted by Landmark Communications Inc.

Woodall, the former chief of staff to U.S. Rep. John Linder, leads minister/radio personality Jody Hice by a margin of 47-32%. As much as 21% of voters said they were undecided/not committed in the election, but still intend to vote.

A county-by-county analysis reveals that Woodall has a commanding lead in Forsyth (59-15%) and Gwinnett (50-29%). Woodall also leads in Newton (44-33%) and Walton (46-37%). However, the Gwinnett margin is significant since 70% of the district’s vote is in that county. Hice leads in his own county of Barrow by 54-27% margin.
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FWIW, Olens Gets My AG Runoff Vote

With the risk of Ken Hodges becoming Georgia’s attorney general (and thus the risk of his behavior at Pheobe-Puntey going statewide), I’ve had to take my vote in the runoff a bit more seriously then I did in the general election.

I’ve looked at some of my friends in the legal community’s endorsements. I’ve looked harder at each remaining candidate’s actual record, and this evening, I watched the debate between the two candidates.

It was clear to me less than half way through the debate. I’ll vote for Sam Olens on Tuesday without reservation.

Linda Carsten Responds To B.J. Pak

I was forwarded a letter from Linda Carsten in response to this piece I posted Friday. In addition, there were two quotes attached referenced in the letter. They are each included below.

Dear Friend,

Yesterday you received a mailing from my opponent, BJ Pak, attacking me for accepting a personal campaign contribution from my friend, Victoria Chacon, owner of an Atlanta-based publication called La Vision.
Victoria and I are long time friends who openly disagree on politics — but we are personal friends and always will be. I am a strong supporter for tough measures to stop illegal immigration.

Because we disagree on issues, Mr. Pak wants me to return her campaign contribution.

Mr. Pak didn’t tell you that many of his contributors are attorneys who defend illegal immigrants in court. But he won’t return those contributions, totaling $6450

Also, one of Mr. Pak’s contributors is former Supreme Court Justice Leah Sears-Collins the most liberal judge ever to sit on Georgia’s Supreme Court. Sears-Collins donated $500 to Pak according to his June 30th campaign disclosures.

Judge Sears was a leading voice on the Court for the abolition of the death penalty for even the most violent of criminals. But he won’t return that campaign contribution.
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If (House Member-Elect) Buzz Is Quoted, It’s Front Page Material

The fourth time this was submitted today, I finally clicked the link. Apparently, a candidate in a house runoff has taken a $5,000 campaign donation from La Vision de Georgia and another $2,000 from it’s founder.

The La Vision newspaper and its founder, Victoria Chacon, are vocal supporters of amnesty for illegal immigrants.
Chacon, who by herself donated $2,000 to Carsten’s campaign, said in an interview to the Atlanta Journal Constitution that, “Mexicans who make illegal border crossings for job-rich cities like Atlanta, ‘have no choice’ but to break the law.” The remaining portions of La Vision’s contribution were made by Chacon’s husband and La Vision’s office Carsten’s run-off opponent, B.J. Pak — a former federal prosecutor who has actual experience prosecuting and deporting dangerous illegal immigrants — is calling on Linda Carsten to immediately return the $5,000.

Lest any of you think that multiple spamming me is the way to get your item posted on the front page, this is the hook that got this one elevated:

“The following Gwinnett Republican leaders and elected officials have joined Pak in demanding that Linda Carsten return these funds immediately: State Representative David Casas (R-Dist. 103), State Rep-Elect Josh Clark (R-Dist. 98), State Rep-Elect Buzz Brockway (R-Dist 101), Republican Nominee Brett Harrell (R-Dist 106), and also Butch (er, the quote actually ends there. I’m assuming “Butch” is sheriff Butch Conway, but my guess is he heard someone once had a beer and needed to undergo a field sobriety test, so he left before finishing his name.)

So, Long story short, Buzz says vote B.J. Pak.

And After All This, IA Says We’re All Tied Up

Bumped up top by Erick so the Deal folks don’t think I’m trying to bury the lede. Interestingly, I know few in the metro area who think Deal will win and know virtually no one outside Atlanta who think Handel will win.

With just a little over three days left in this years long saga, IA has a new poll that says Handel and Deal are tied:

InsiderAdvantage/WSB-TV Poll

Nathan Deal: 46 percent

Karen Handel: 46 percent

Undecided: 8 percent

Margin of Error +/- 4.0 percent

Source: InsiderAdvantage


Huckabee, Who Has Won His Last Primary, Endorses Deal

Politico has the story.

Now it’s on the front page, so you can quit emailing me.

And for Deal’s band of merry sock puppets, please be consistent in your approach of explaining why this out of state Governor who doesn’t know Camilla or Ocilla is relevent, but Governor’s Jan Brewer, Mitt Romney, and Sarah Palin aren’t.

Discuss. I’m going back to work.

“The Gays” and NASCAR

Atlanta is losing one of it’s two NASCAR Sprint cup races next year.

Try not to panic. I won’t. I doesn’t directly affect me much.

Again, in the interest of time, I’ll try to be brief.

Atlanta Motor Speedway losing a major race is going to affect many more Georgians that what a federal judge did yesterday in California.

We can have high minded discussions all day long about the role of the federal judiciary, states rights, the will of the people, etc. But we know that’s not the real reason that ruling is an immediate issue in the Governor’s race.

While I’m not the biggest NASCAR fan (a three hour left turn on a Sunday afternoon? Best naps ever.), I appreciate the economic impact that race brings to the state. In this economy, where we need to attract jobs, where we need to protect a tax base, we are talking about things that don’t affect most of us, using those it does affect as pawns in our little game.

Nascar’s snubbing Atlanta in the Spring. That ain’t right neither.

Saxby To Vote Against Kagan

For those who want a break from Georgia politics, I offer you the following press release about some national politics:

Chambliss: I am left with far too many doubts to simply presume that the president’s nominee should be confirmed

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., today spoke on the Senate floor regarding the nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court. Below are excerpts from his speech:

…Several weeks ago, Ms. Kagan was granted an opportunity to sit before the Judiciary Committee, respond to her critics and clarify her seemingly controversial positions.
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