Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Good morning! School is back in session, so now the break is really over. Or it’s just beginning, depending on who you ask.


  • Earlier this month, the Washington Post political team sat down with Donald Trump and Ben Carson at each candidate’s DC-area home:
    • Trump: Interviewers described it as, “A nearly 90-minute one-man channel surf that landed on, among other topics, golf, the polls, whether he planned to drop out of the presidential race, what he’s afraid of, whether he’s a nice person, the media, the media and the media.”
    • Carson: The candidate offers proof that he’s not weak by saying, “A weak person doesn’t have all of these honorary degrees. Most people of accomplishment have one, maybe two or three honorary degrees at most. It’s the highest award that a university gives out. I have 67. That’s probably not indicative of a weak person who doesn’t get things done.”
  • The New York Times overviews President Obama’s anticipated moves on gun control.
  • WABE prognosticates how Atlanta’s neighborhoods will continue to evolve in 2016.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports how more Americans are looking to faith-based organizations for their health insurance coverage.
  • Georgia lawmakers vote now, read later. It’s tradition!
  • In the AJC, Maureen Downey (from her new location on the front page of the Metro section) kindles the conversation on merit pay for teachers.
  • Also from the AJC, hateful talk is protected by the first amendment. But hate talk accompanied by criminal activity is a whole other story.
  • The City of Atlanta quietly made a $9 million Beltline payment to Atlanta Public Schools.
  • From CityLab, one congressman wants to preserve our right to pee – freely.
  • WSAV covers the pending legislative conversation about whether firefighters in Georgia should carry guns.
  • The world didn’t know it needed a George Costanza-themed bar. Thank you, Australia!
  • NYC CFA remains DOA.

And below the fold, if you’re willing to wait for it –

CSPAN, the most American cable network, brings us an hour and a half of historians, including Ron Chernow, awarding the George Washington Book Prize to Lin-Manuel Miranda. There’s a song at the end!


  1. gcp says:

    Agree with the others that say Obama’s new gun rules concerning firearm transactions will do little or nothing to prevent crime because most of his proposed rules are already covered under current law. Additionally, most criminals with guns violate other gun laws irrespective of current or proposed transaction rules.

    Perhaps stronger rules concerning reporting of those that are mentally ill could have prevented Va. Tech or the La. theater shooter, but otherwise further gun purchase regulations are useless.

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