Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It’s the third day of Hannukah. Listen to Sharon Jones, and fry a bunch of latkes!

Non-jokey headlines because the subject matter is far too awful:


  1. Noway says:

    Pardon the pun but “No Way” Trump survives this. Where is Don Meredith when we need him to sing “Turn out the Lights”…

    • Will Durant says:

      At $100 per month with no benefits it ain’t worth getting out of bed. On the other hand having the same arrest powers as a sheriff could be cool. Both roles are antiquated and should not be an elected position. A relative of mine with 20 years experience as a detective was recently fired because he had campaigned for the rival of the new sheriff.

      • drjay says:

        compensation for the coroner varies wildly across the state, in my home county our coroner is paid almost 50k … some counties, i believe, pay per call, and for others the compensation is similar to the part time pay that city council members get…which makes sense when you figure there may only be a handful of deaths a year in a small county requiring an on the scene coroner’s investigation…we did some intro to forensics stuff in school that was really pretty cool…

        • Will Durant says:

          And then we circle back around with the need to eliminate at least half of our counties. Especially those who have lost their property tax base due to either a loss of industry or the various dodges doled out by the state.

          My father died at the wheel in a rural Georgia county and my experience with the coroner/local funeral director could not have went better given the circumstances. (Georgia still has some antiquated protectionist laws regarding transporting bodies on the books too.) I’m sure this type of situation is the norm though the exceptions are where we need trained medical examiners. Hardly a job I would consider “fun” though. To each their own.

  2. Teri says:

    For Catholics, today is also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any versions of “Immaculate Mary” that featured a decent horn section.

  3. John Konop says:

    Keisha Waites use the same illogical overreach which failed with the War on Drugs via raising the age you can drive. It will do more way more harm than good, especially lower in come kids. Many 16 year olds need the ability to drive for work, joint enrollment clases, family member help with transportation, especially with working mothers….The nanny government overreach usually causes more problems that it solves….

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I agree (though without knowing details I could support a nominal increase in age, say learner’s permit not issued until 16 years old and no license until 16-1/2, if permits and licenses are issued before then).

      I support her proposal to have driver’s education available to high school student in all public high schools.

      • Michael Silver says:

        Rep Waites is absolutely WRONG about raising the licensing age and her plan will kill kids!

        My teenage daughter went through the process. 15 years old, she got a learners permit and spent the next year learning to drive with her parents by her side. She also had to do drivers training (double thumb up for Taggarts).

        Then she got her license after 1 year of the learners permit. She was 16 and half when she got the provisional license because she waited till the summer to get the learners permit.

        I not a fan of government regulation as too often it makes matters worse, ie gun control, another favorite of Rep. Waites.

        Having went through the drivers license process with my daughter, I’m impressed with how it works today and am convinced it saves young lives because of parent involvement at the right age.

        At 15 years old, my daughter was scared enough to listen to our directions. At 16, she’s a ….. let’s just say she thinks she knows it all. 15 years old is the right age for drivers training. Raising the age, will mean kid will be less likely to learn and accelerate the licensing of kids who might want to wait.

        • Feeling the Bern says:

          If ever there was a false flag…. Too many things do not add up and this story is already all neatly wrapped up in most everyone’s mind. Isn’t it? You accept the ‘official’ story, don’t you?

          • John Konop says:

            What is you point? Do you support taking away much needed options for kids and families via education, work… trade for it might lower the accident rate?

            • Feeling the Bern says:

              argh. somehow I answered the wrong thread. I was responding to the allegations that Farook and his wife were involved in the San Bernadito shooting.

              I have no issue with your comment on raising the age for anything that leads to blow-back.

    • Will Durant says:

      How is a high school boy supposed to get laid if the age is changed to 18?

      Seriously though a driver’s license shouldn’t be so easy to obtain in Georgia. Both of the tests are a joke. Perhaps we don’t need it to be as strenuous as in Germany but I can tell you their drivers know for certain that it is a privilege and not a right. I think they could get a provisional license or the like at 16 but only a full blown one at 18. When I was over there many years ago if you stayed more than 6 months you had to take classes and obtain a German license unless your state had reciprocity, which of course Georgia did not. Total cost for me was about 2,000 Marks. There was a daylight and dark difference driving on their roads however. Imagine seeing a sign that lanes merge 1 mile ahead and seeing drivers immediately finding a gap and giving gaps to merge. Keeping to the right except when passing…

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    More coverage of sloppy DeKalb government in the AJC today, so what else is new?

    The AJC reported DeKalb District Attorney Robert James, possessor of a County purchasing card, received cash advances. Common sense policy is that a well-paid employees with purchasing cards do not receive cash advances. (The only exception would be advances to low paid County employee likely to have extensive purchases requiring payment in cash—there’s probably no one in that circumstance though.)

    Yeah, this is a government we want investigating its own purchasing card purchases.

  5. Feeling the Bern says:

    “If they keep prodding me, I might,” Deal said of the Obama administration. “And it appears they are willing to keep prodding. I’ve already told them if they don’t like the way we administer the food stamp program, if they don’t like the way we do it, let them come run it. We’ll handle it over to them.”

    Why will Gov Deal defy federal law for food stamps but he won’t defy federal law for medical marijuana cultivation in state?

    Today I learned from Fearless Leader that it is OK to ‘pick and choose’ which laws to ignore, which laws to misinterpret and which laws are used as the equivalent of racist toilet paper.

  6. Noway says:

    I wonder if Isis Mary, better known as Tashfeen Malik, is jealous as her husband is enjoying his 72 Virgins?

    • Feeling the Bern says:

      If 90# Arab young women can effective use a high powered weapon to spray several hundred rounds of bullets, I’d say we were pretty much doomed. They have superwomen.

      Or…do they?

      You ever rapid shoot one of those? The recoil would knock a 90# human down, or at least give them such a sore shoulder they wouldn’t be able to shoot many more rounds.

      • Noway says:

        If they properly brace themselves in a kind of three point stance, the ride up on automatic setting is lessened but on a small woman like you mentioned it can be a hard task. We let many of our interpreters fire during lunch and some of them are tiny. To point we usually stand behind them to further brace them with our hands on their shoulders. You might remember a young girl accedentally killing her range instructor a couple of years ago when he put it on full auto for her and when she fired, it rode up and flipped back and killed him.

        • Feeling the Bern says:

          There were exactly two eyewitnesses interviewed. Both described “3 tall white males, athletic build, wearing ‘military’ style black. None of the wounded has been interviewed by the media. Oh wait, where there wounded? I only hear of 14 dead. O the wiki, some unnamed ‘source’ said to another person that ‘one of the witnesses recognized Farook by his voice and build. The press rifling through all that stuff in their apartment. What is going on in the world with all the governments wanting back door encryption and using this as some reason to enable it.

          Something is not passing the smell test. I encourage any of you to look beyond the narrative. We all know that the government lies. We just don’t know when they choose to lie.

          • Noway says:

            Bern, can you clarify your point? Is it about encryption? Gov’ts have been nervous about this ever since PGP was entroduced 20 years ago. It is truly unbreakable and understandibly worrisome if the bad guys are using it.

            • Feeling the Bern says:

              My point is there are ways that the government gets their way. That it sometimes takes a shocking situation to silence critics of programs that are on the agenda of the powerful. This country would have never stomached the DHS…before 9/11. Tragedies are used as excused to ‘increase security/deny liberty’.

              There is no evidence that any communications between either the Paris terrorists or the San Bernadino alleged perps used encryption.
              The left will use this as a call for gun control just like the right will call for more security and less liberty for some ‘select’ nationalities.

              The fearing are more fearful, the skeptical are more skeptical and the cycle of life continues. I am sick of these games. That is my point.

  7. David says:

    Good to hear Georgia State School Superintendant Richard Woods is visiting Dade and Walker today. I saw the helicopter preparing to land. Apparently the helicopter is his travel method of choice for campaign stops opps I mean checking up on schools. I wonder what his helicopter rides cost the taxpayers?

  8. Noway says:

    With the statement made by Trump last night, you’d think it would be the talk of the nation today in both Repub and Dem circles, talk radio and coffee shops. I’m glad to see that Herman is talking about…Obamacare. He has to have nekkid pics of somebody to still be on the air. He’s horrible!

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