Is Georgia Withholding State Aid from those that need it most?

The Georgia Department of Community Health is responsible for administering the Georgia Pediatric Program (GaPP) that is supposed to assist medically fragile children in this state in getting their healthcare needs met.

According to parents of those children it isn’t doing so. Judges who have heard their Americans with Disabilities Act complaints agree, and the Commissioner of the Department wants it all to go away. Or so it seems, he won’t answer the questions of Matt Pearl of 11Alive who broke the story.

11Alive requested an interview with commissioner Clyde Reese. The department refused.

We then requested an interview with anyone who could speak about the program. The department refused; its communications director, despite having received little background on the story, sent the following statement [unresponsive statement probably cut and pasted from a pamphlet removed].

We, in return, sent specific questions in writing, like “Why reduce nursing care for children whose conditions have not changed?”

The department refused to comment further.

The kids’ stories are heart-rending and failing to provide the legally required assistance (mostly nursing care) is an unlawful attempt to shift the burden onto the parents. I’m assuming everything in the legal decisions and parents.

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  1. John Konop says:

    It is very easy to say let’s keep spending….I like many feel for people…..but we have to be realistic about having a real plan to pay for this in the future as well as other entitlments. The reason we are in this enetilments nightmere is instead of having real debate as to how to pay for it, we instead play politics. Which has resulted in the kick the can down the road budget….not a smart in the long term.

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