Mike Bowers Has Some Harsh Words For DeKalb District Attorney Robert James

News broke yesterday that DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James had reduced nine felony charges he had brought against Bob Lundsten, former Chief of Staff to DeKalb Commissioner Elaine Boyer*.

Lundsten had been facing more than 10 years in jail when DA James indicted him in March of this year. But after James’ misuse of his own P-card and illegal reimbursements came to light, the charges were reduced to misdemeanors. Lundsten has reimbursed the county the $310 in question, and has already started his community service. But former Attorney General Mike Bowers, who led the infamous investigation into DeKalb corruption, has some serious questions about the conduct of the District Attorney.


*Disclosure: Commissioner Boyer used my company, Apache Political, for constituent communications and mailing services in 2014.


  1. verdadera says:

    Bowers may be right, but the answer is not Sherry Boston. She used her p-card for air-brushing on photos of herself, and also used county funds for giveaways when she attends functions. Doesn’t she have a campaign account these things should be coming out of instead of tax payer dollars? All these things she has charged are for her and for her personal aggrandizement, not the public. None of these DeKalb officials seem to understand that tax dollars given to them in the form of budgets are not their personal funds. Sherry Boston is tight with members of the current people in power. We need a total outsider to clean up the mess.

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