Enhanced Security Measures At Falcons Game Sunday

The Atlanta Falcons have announced via Facebook, its website, and email that they are enhancing safety measure for the game this Sunday against the Colts. They recommend arriving at the game no later than 45 minutes prior to kickoff.

From their website:

“In response to recent world events, the Georgia World Congress Center Authority is implementing enhanced security measures, including increased law enforcement, for our game on Sunday. You may notice these changes as you arrive or depart from the game.

The enhanced security measures are not the result of any targeted threats; rather, they are prudent measures under the circumstances and were made in coordination with NFL security recommendations. Your safety is extremely important to us, and we appreciate your understanding.

We look forward to returning from our bye week and seeing you at the Georgia Dome.”


  1. Noway says:

    Supposed ISIS threat to Phillip’s Arena Wrasslin’ on Sunday night. May be credible, may be not. Southern folks ain’t skeered! I’ll bet the place sells out now, if it hadn’t already! The WWE people thank you, ISIS!

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