Oxendine Takes Excess Campaign Funds and Invests Them, in Himself

Ox is still Oxing

From Jim Walls at Atlanta Unfiltered comes the story of what John Oxendine, former Insurance Commissioner, did with all that campaign cash he racked up when it looked like he’d be the Republican nominee for Governor way back in the year of our Lord 2010. Turns out he invested it in his own law firm, which is exciting I am sure to his many campaign contributors because I would assume they now own shares in that firm, and probably deserve dividends. Oh wait, no? He Just converted it? Oh.

But in subsequent filings, Oxendine has called those transfers “loans”. A campaign committee can make investments (really?) and Oxendine states he has now paid back his committee, but questions still remain. Check out what Walls thinks the money may have gone to over at his site…



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  1. IndyPendant says:

    Bold Prediction: Oxendine will never be in front of a judge for any of this.

    Too bad he’s not black with an ounce of dried plant material divided up into seven equal parts, well that would be a felony.

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