Debate Open Thread

Discuss. Fuss. Create a Muss. And while the GOP candidates do that in the debate, you can discuss in a civil manner here.


  1. CountPetofi says:

    Sexist Pig comment of the night comes from Trump: “Why does she keep interrupting everynody?” The crowd was howling!

    • Noway says:

      The Dems might think the Eisenhower plan’s mention is to their advantage but Trump’s base will love it. “Turnout, turnout, turnout” laments Mitt Romney.

      • Three Jack says:

        If Trump’s base is excited about a return to the 1950s and Operation Wetback, then the GOP is even further down the tubes than I thought.

  2. John Konop says:

    Christie will never win, he is telling it like it is, and most want to hear financial fairy tales. If you look at the math behind Sanders plan it is as irrational as the math behind budget and tax plans presented other than Kasich, Paul and Christie. We will face another down turn via both sides wanted their free lunch. Tax cuts without proper budget cuts is as irrational as paying for programs we cannot afford. Math is math….

  3. gcp says:

    Kasich was a loser. Unable to say where he would cut spending. Talked about the stale deportation issue. Someone please move this guy to the democrat debates.

    Paul improved performance. Correctly challenged Rubio on his expensive tax credit plan. Critical of current foreign policy but did not adequately explain his foreign policy.

    Cruz was good overall but had to be prodded to answer bank bailout question.

    Fiorina was nothing new. Phantom, unexplained three page tax plan. More unfunded military spending.

    Carson and Trumpet, no gain or harm. Carson cleverly backed his no deduction tax plan by saying folks bought houses and we had charities before the 1913 income tax.

    Rubio was solid but tax plan and foreign policy are questionable.

    Jebby improved but he also talked about the stale deportation issue.

    Jindal was too critical of other candidates, but he is the only candidate with a comprehensive health care plan.

    Christie was pretty good, Huckster and Santorum were ok.

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