Dale Russell Calls The State’s “How’s My Driving” Number

Here’s a piece that aired on Fox5 Wednesday evening. I found it interesting because instead of “gotcha” kind of stuff that our government entities are quite used to, Dale Russell of the Fox5 I-Team decided to see what happens when people call the number on state vehicles to report bad driving. Instead of offering the clickbait of “…you won’t believe what they found”, I’ll summarize. They found a department that takes their job seriously, and enforces internal policies for discipline from reprimands to termination.

We often report when government screws up. That’s fine, because doing your job shouldn’t necessarily be news. In this instance, they took the time to investigate, and went with the findings anyway. I’m glad they did. Because government employees are used to taking hits in the press. It’s nice to see a “well done” story once in a while.