Simone Bell Leaving the House for Lambda Legal

Simone Bell was first elected to the house in 2009 in a special election following the resignation of Robbin Shipp. She outlasted her opponents in a five way primary and won the runoff handily. She became the first African-American lesbian to serve in a state legislature – not just Georgia, the entire United States. As part of redistricting, she was drawn in with a fellow Democrat Ralph Long and defeated him in 2012.

She had a leadership role in the Democratic House Caucus and was highly respected by her peers.

From the AJC:

State Rep. Simone Bell, D-Atlanta, is headed to Lambda Legal’s Atlanta office as a Southern regional director. Bell had previously worked as a community educator for the gay rights group.

Said Bell in a statement:

“I am so proud of what Lambda Legal has accomplished, but my experience in the General Assembly tells me the work cannot stop. This is a particularly exciting time to be a part of Lambda Legal’s work in the South, challenging laws and public policies that discriminate across lines of sexual orientation, gender identity, HIV status, income and race and to achieve full equality for all.”

Photo Courtesy of ProjectQ


  1. seekingtounderstand says:

    Congratulations! The Federal Governments unprecedented collection of data on America by race for the purpose of racial and economic justice will be a gravy train for a sharp lawyer like you!
    Will those lawyers then abuse the information to harm political opponents…………oh yes they will………….just add the costs to our kids debt tab……….its all good as they can’t sue us yet.

    • benevolus says:

      So let me see if I understand… Don’t pursue racial justice because it might hurt one party worse than the other?

      • seekingtounderstand says:

        Lets say you sue Mayor Reed or Marta for discrimination hiring practices,
        that’s money that won’t be spent on health and education.
        It all we go to lawyers………..

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