The Dirty Political Pool Of The “RFRA” Advocates

::UPDATE:: State Rep. Teasley says in the comments that he won’t be there, and that the information is “incorrect.” I take the Representative at his word, but here’s a screen-cap of what the Gilmer Tea Party sent out:


Perhaps he should give those folks a call.

Scaring religious people to mine their votes is a political practice at least as old as Ralph Reed. But there’s always been a protocol about raising cain, religious or otherwise, in somebody else’s backyard. It’s poor form for instance, for one State Representative to hold even something non-controversial, like a town hall meeting, in another State Representative’s district -especially without inviting or notifying the potential host.

Which is why an invitation from the “Georgia Constitutional Coalition” and The Tea Party of Gilmer County seems so… odd.

Here’s what it said: “The Georgia Constitutional Coalition will be hosting an afternoon of issues and answers concerning RFRA with special guest speakers Senator Josh McKoon – sponsor of SB129, Virginia Galloway – Faith and Freedom Coalition, Rep. Sam Teasley – House Sponsor of RFRA and David Stover, Georgia State Representative District 71. Senator McKoon will be addressing the attack on religious freedom in our state and our country and what we can do to make a difference.”

The event is to take place in Ellijay, in House Speaker David Ralston’s district, just down the road from his home. That makes it odd, because the Speaker has taken a very cautious approach to the issue, trying to distill any legitimate fear of attacks on religious freedom from the ambitions of those who seek only to whip their coreligionists into a political frenzy, rather than a spiritual one.

A rally for Religious Freedom is not a cautious approach.

An inquiry to the Speaker’s office yielded this: “Speaker Ralston was not invited to attend the RFRA rally, nor was he informed of it by any of the organizers or participants.” He will be “…on a trip to raise campaign funds to support Republican House members and the Republican Caucus in next year’s elections.” That’s what Speakers do, both politically and officially, I was told, “on a fairly regular basis.” Regular enough anyway, that it wouldn’t have taken more than a phone call or an email to learn of the Speaker’s scheduling conflict. But some of the organizers of the rally enthusiastically supported a primary opponent against Speaker Ralston in last year’s primary.

Which makes this rally seem like less of a defense of religious freedom, and more like a way to score some very cheap political points, and to give the back of a hand to someone who was willing to listen.



  1. Sam Teasley says:

    This information is not correct. I will not be in Ellijay on Sunday. I was asked weeks ago to attend a church service in a different part of the state and I accepted that invitation.

    • John Konop says:


      We are facing massive transportation issues, especially after the completion of the port project, which will increase truck traffic by 60 percent in metro Atlanta alone. We have major issues with hospitals/schools in rural and inner city areas. We are facing future battles over keeping up with water needs for Georgia. I could go on and on….RFRA a bill that will hurt job growth is your focus? You and Josh should be ashamed….This is the political BS show that keeps everyone fighting, while you guys solve nothing, other than playing political games.

      • HueyMahl says:

        Well said. Truly an orwellian bill designed to distract the religious masses from a lack of substantive action on the problems we face.

    • mrath says:

      OK, Rep. Teasley,
      You might not be going to Ellijay, but only because you’re doing THE EXACT SAME THING at Mike Griffin’s church in Hartwell.
      “Liberty Baptist Church will be hosting a free showing the the movie One Generation Away this Sunday night at 6 PM. Also, Rep Sam Teasley will be speaking and leading a Q&A session following the showing. Rep. Teasley is the House Sponsor of SB 129, “The Religious Freedom Restoration Act”. “

  2. Robbie says:

    I’m still waiting for Sen McKoon or Rep Teasley give us examples of “religious freedom under attack” in Georgia that weren’t settled in favor of the religious folks with already existing laws. Every example that’s been shared wouldn’t have been helped by their proposed law.

  3. NoTeabagging says:

    It is against my religion to give money to or be associated with politicians and political parties. I hope the religious bill passes so if I am ever in public with one of these buffoons I can demand they leave because their presence is in violation of my religious beliefs. Book of Intolerance, Chapter 1, verse 3 (just after the section referencing pimps, whores, liars, bigots, and embezzlers.)

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