Attention those who may be in the vicinity of the Lowndes County Courthouse on October 24th, the Rally to STOP the Muslim Invasion would like you to stop by.

It’s at 11 am, so I assume tailgating starts at 9. I assume the Muslim Invasion itself is scheduled for sometime after 11 am or this rally will be a total waste.

Here’s all the relevant info, except for the needed historical perspective and touch of humanity.




  1. HueyMahl says:

    Joey – don’t forget to bring plenty of white sheets, wooden crosses and gasoline to your rally. Always want to be prepared in case someone’s hood becomes soiled, and you never want to run out of supplies.

  2. zedsmith says:

    I wonder what the circumstances were that compelled Joey’s ancestors to give up all they had known and chance a long perilous voyage to an unknown land in search of prosperity and security for them and their posterity.

    Obviously it worked out well for them because their descendant can without any pause or reservation indulge in nativist saber rattling.

  3. Andrew C. Pope says:

    Now, when 95 percent of people tell Joey “thank you,” are they thanking him for hosting the rally or thanking him for publicly outing himself as a moron not worth speaking with or taking seriously?

  4. xdog says:

    Joey’s an easy target but there are other issues here.

    First, give a good think to the source of his beliefs. He sure didn’t come up with them on his own.

    Second, doesn’t it seem that we’re entering the post-literate age? For the first time we’re educating people who know less than their parents in just about every area, grammar and spelling at the fore.

    Third, Lowndes is more than Valdosta. There’s Hahira too.

  5. Dave Bearse says:

    The turnout could be massive, what with attendees standing with their fellow Americas, Central and South.

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