Trump Gains First Gold Dome Endorsement

We all know Donald Trump is trying to buy the free world. Yet, despite Donald Trump’s liberal record of supporting abortion; donating to Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid; and endorsing other liberal policies; he has secured an endorsement from an (my) elected official: State Senator Michael Williams (R-Cumming).

First reported by the AJC, Senator Michael Williams confirmed on Facebook he is supporting Trump. It should be noted that his political consultant, Seth Weathers, is heading up Donald Trump’s Georgia team.

Trump Endorsement

My hope is Senator Williams remains the only Gold Dome endorsement of Trump. We’ll see.


  1. TheEiger says:

    I guess Senator Williams also supports the time that Trump proposed this giant tax increase.–abc-news-topstories.html#

    Or the time he was ‘very pro-choice.”

    If Rubio or Bush or anyone else flip flopped like this they would be a RINO, but some how Trump is the Republicans’ savior? What a joke.

    We have a problem winning over women voters so we should support the most misogynist man in the race?

    We have a problem as a party with minorities so we need to support the guy that is the biggest racist to run for president since George Wallace?

    Give me a break.

    • Charlie says:

      You left out his 60 Minutes interview where he said that Obamacare doesn’t go far enough, and he prefers single payer or at least a system where “everyone is taken care of”.

      • TheEiger says:

        That’s right. Forgot about that one.

        “We are going to win so much that you are going to be sick of winning.” What the hell does that even mean. For everyone’s viewing pleasure.

  2. David says:

    Dang all this hate for the Trump on the day walmart in my community put out its christmas displays. I still say there is going to be a lot of crossover voters and he will win. I know a bunch. This will be the one thing the establishment will not overcome.

    • Charlie says:

      Ah, the elusive “establishment” that is the bane of the existence of everyone that preaches personal responsibility but is willing to assume none of it when it comes to their political activities.

      Happy Holidays.

  3. drjay says:

    meh, as well as he’s doing in the polls i doubt there is a downside to the run of the mill elected official endorsing him at this point…a very popular county commissioner down here absolutely loves trump, don’t know if he’s officially “endorsed” trump or not, but i wouldn’t be surprised if he did…

  4. 2enlightenu says:

    This is my first post here. I used to be a daily reader but a few years back PP took a turn so now I check in a couple times a week to keep up with Georgia news from your viewpoint. It will most likely be my last post as I imagine that my post will not be liked by many.

    I’m for Donald Trump. He is not a joke as much as many of you try to insinuate. I am, as well as many, many others, SICK of the establishment of both sides trying to convince us that they are doing what is best for us. I will leave the link below and hope that it is not deleted. The website is a phenomenal group of true Patriots who have done and are doing extensive research in various areas of interest. See the Benghazi Brief as an example. The Brief will enlighten you as to things most everyday Americans are not aware.

    Do NOT discount the anger and frustration of the American people. We will not sit down and we will not shut up. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion. God Bless.

    • Charlie says:

      How quaint. You wrap your decision to blow up the electoral process in terms like patriotism. It always amazes me how people can cloak the selfish behaviors typically found in kindergarteners of “It will be my way or I’ll go home” in grand words that stake out moral high grounds.

      Anyway, since you’re just catching up, I addressed your concerns a while back. Happy reading.

      • 2enlightenu says:

        I’m not “just catching up”. I’ve already read your “so you say your angry”. Why are my opinions considered “selfish”? Moral high grounds? As quickly as you replied tells me you did not read the article I linked. Are you not open minded to even consider what is described so thoroughly of the establishment plans/goals?

        • Charlie says:

          You are correct. I did not read the article you linked.

          I run a blog. That doesn’t mean I have to do homework for people that can’t articulate their thoughts in the comment space provided nor chase down every rabbit hole that is offered.

          Your comment you did offer plowed no new ground, and thus sparked no intellectual curiosity to explore why you believe what you believe. It instead reinforced the stereotype of the Trump supporter. You’re irrationally angry and expect the rest of the world to care. Suck it up buttercup, everyone in the world has problems. The people that don’t expect everyone else in the world to stop what they’re doing because someone declared they are angry are usually the ones that figure out how their problems get solved, not the ones that stand in a corner and scream and/or pout.

    • TheEiger says:

      “2enlightenu” Thanks for trying, but I can think for myself and don’t need you to enlighten me.

      Everything in my post above is true about Trump.

      • 2enlightenu says:

        Have you ever changed your mind ? After the last 7 1/2 years, how could anyone not see what is happening to our country and see things in a different light ? As for pro-choice, Mr. Trump has explained that quite clearly. I meant no disrespect by my username.

        • TheEiger says:

          Sure, I’ve changed my mind on things. Like the fact I no longer like rhododendrons and azaleas in my front yard because they are too hard to grow.

          On things like killing babies not so much. The reason Trump has “changed his mind” on things is because he is telling you what you want to hear.

          You still didn’t address the fact that he is a misogynist and the most racist man to run for president probably ever. Minus Andrew Jackson and George Wallace. Do you really want that leading our country. I’m sure you will say yes and that explains a lot about you.

    • Three Jack says:

      I’m curious, who is your fallback candidate? It would appear that Bernie Sanders most closely aligns with Trump so will you be switching parties if/when Trump bails?

      • 2enlightenu says:

        I do not have a “fallback candidate”. Bernie Sanders is an admitted socialist. That has failed everywhere it has been tried, including the last 7 1/2 years in America. What about all the promises made by the ones we elected over the last 15 years ? Clearly, no one that has responded to my post has bothered to fully read the link and give their honest opinion of the shocking revelations described within it. I had hoped to hear an intelligent discussion of the facts and circumstances therein.

        • Jon Richards says:

          Well, I for one have read the contents at the link, along with a number of other Conservative Treehouse posts over the last few months. Based on what I’ve read, the short version of their thesis is that the GOP establishment is behind the scenes secretly manipulating the candidates and voters in order to engineer a win for Jeb Bush, who is the establishment choice.

          This, of course, is very frustrating to the base, which desperately wants someone else besides Bush as the candidate. Fortunately for the base, along comes Trump, which is something the GOP establishment never expected, and doesn’t know how to counter. Therefore, the base must get on board the Trump train in order to defeat the mighty establishment.

          I may have missed some of the more subtle points of the site’s thesis (and they have done a good job of filling in details of the scheme, dotting i’s and crossing t’s. But I basically view it as the latest from the tinfoil hat crew that brought us the Agenda 21 and common core conspiracy theories.

          Now, I may be wrong in my interpretation. If so, feel free to defend your position. But, note that posting links and saying “the answer is all in the link, just read it,” is not a legitimate way to start a discussion of the merits of the theory.

          • John Konop says:

            Bush and Hillary raised a lot of money from special interest….The point you are missing is many people feel their voice has been put aside and replaced with money interest. The establishment of both parties follow the money via policy. Just my 2 cents…

            • Jon Richards says:

              No, John, while your observation about special interests (a special interest being defined as anything that has a different political viewpoint than what I have) is valid, that’s not the point that’s being made in the linked article.

              • John Konop says:

                Not my definition…..I am merely explaining the reason why people are kicking back…life is very grey…..your dismissive view of Trump supporters being nothing more than ill informed crack pots is not fair….like in anything, they go off the deep end at times….Trump and company have hit a valid nerve, which you appear to be very dismissive. BTW, I am not saying all lobbyist are evil…..just pointing out what I see….

                • benevolus says:

                  Lot’s of people hit valid nerves without running for president. If he really wanted to make a difference maybe he should take all the money he plans to spend and get it behind a legitimate candidate who he likes, because Trump is not going to win and even if he did they would never let him near the nuke button or the treasury (I hope).

                • benevolus says:

                  It’s actually funny to me. Money buying politicians is bad because normal people feel left out, but a guy who just “buys” himself a candidacy is a friggin’ hero to the little guy? Some very interesting psychology going on there.

                  • John Konop says:

                    Agree or disagree with a Trump, the feeling is he does need the money, so he would not cut deals to just get the money. No matter which party , a lot people think holding office has become a lottery ticket first, and people second.

                    • benevolus says:

                      I understand that, but if you think about it for a second, what is the difference if a rich guys buys a politician and gets his way, or a rich guy buys an election to get his way? Trump is a hero but Sheldon Adelson is a “special interest”? They both want the same thing- to get what they want. I just think Trump people are being deluded.

                      Even if Trump were to win, it’s not like he is going to go in there and just start directing people to build a giant wall and defeat China. The system doesn’t work that way, and for a very good reason.

                      So, it might be a nice fantasy to toy with for a while, like watching V for Vendetta again, but the show must eventually end. The only possible outcome for Trumpsters is disappointment and more frustration.

    • gt7348b says:

      I don’t usually reply to to non transportation issues, but you do realize the American people are like a huge family? They are composed of those of us who can trace our lineage back to the British or Spanish colonization or earlier to those who took their oath of citizenship yesterday. We don’t all have the same opinions or thoughts and it is part of the American tradition that we compromise and deal with each other. Part of my frustration and anger with Washington right now isn’t that our representatives aren’t “Standing up for the people” it is that they refuse to recognize that they represent all people of their district and also that their counterparts are representing their districts. Knowing you live in a country where people have different opinions or thoughts is like being in a family. You agree on that you love grandma, but you disagree on how she spends her money. You decide what you can live with and what you can’t.

      In short, you and I agree we are both angry at Washington, we just disagree about why. However, while I’m willing to figure out where else we can agree, I’m cynical about whether you’ll even agree that I’m also an American or resort to calling me a liberal name.

      • 2enlightenu says:

        “I’m cynical about whether you’ll even agree that I’m also an American or resort to calling me a liberal name.” WHAT ?

    • Andrew C. Pope says:

      America is going down the tubes so you want to hand the Presidency over to someone who is utterly unqualified and incapable of doing the job? Sounds like a sound idea.

      I get it. I do. Donald Trump is a winner who builds things. What things? Yuge things. Great things. The best things. He has ideas. What ideas? The best ideas, great ideas, winning ideas. He can’t tell them to you now, but trust him, they’re the best ideas because his people told him “Donald, these are the best ideas.” What people? Smart people, the smartest people, yuge people who know a lot and win a lot. Donald Trump is going to make everyone a winner. How? Because he’s a winner and knows about winning, unlike the losers in government who only know about losing. He’s going to win so much and so often we’re going to get tired of winning. But then we’re gonna win some more. We’re gonna beat the Chinese. How? Donald will send his people, the best people. We’re gonna beat the Russians. How? Putin respects winners like Donald and will let him win because he knows Donald is the best and his hair is totally real and the best hair there is. We’re going to beat the Mexicans. How? Donald is going to make them build a yuge wall, the best wall, and have them pay for it. How is he gonna do that? Don’t sweat the details, we’ll iron those out later, just trust Donald because he does deals all the time, yuge deals, the best deals, the greatest deals. He wrote a book about deals. Did you know that? Yuge book, the best book since the Bible, maybe better than the Bible. Did I tell you about his tax plan? Best plan there is. Sure, it looks just like Jeb’s and any other generic Republican’s tax plan, but Trump’s is better. You know why? Because he came up with it, not some loser like Bush.

      Did I accurately sum up your reasons for supporting Trump?

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