Speaker David Ralston Announces New Committee Assignments

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston announced that Rep. Brett Harrell of Snellville has been named Vice Chairman of the Rules Committee, and announced committee assignments for several newly elected House members.

Rep. Shaw Blackmon of Bonaire, who was elected to replace Larry O’Neal in House District 146, was named to the Economic Development and Tourism, Insurance and Special Rules committees. “The life of every middle Georgian is directly impacted by insurance policy and the economic viability of their state,” said Rep. Blackmon. “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in these various capacities and look forward to getting right to work.”

Rep. Clay Pirkle was named by Speaker Ralston to the Agriculture, Science and Technology, and State Properties committees. In a statement, the Sycamore Republican said, “I am excited that our district has a voice on these important committees,” said Rep. Pirkle. “I will work hard to be an advocate for our region.”

Rep. Betty Price of Roswell, who was elected to replace the late Harry Geisinger in the 48th District, will be on the Governmental Affairs, Health & Human Services and State Planning & Community Affairs committees. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve on three committees that will serve well the citizens of the 48th House District,” said Rep. Price. “These committees could not be more tailor-made for me. As the only physician in the Georgia House, I look forward to working on medical issues. The other committees dovetail nicely with my experience on the Roswell City Council, and are the right places to be addressing the issues such as Homestead Exemption, restoring Milton County, responding to municipal needs, and evaluating election law.”

Rep. Taylor Bennett of Brookhaven was named to a seat on the Judiciary Committee, much like the man he replaced, Mike Jacobs. Bennett will also be on the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight, and Small Business Development committees. “I am very pleased and excited to have been assigned to the Budget and Fiscal Affairs, Judiciary and Small Business Development committees,” said Rep. Bennett. “I look forward to the opportunity to help our government operate more efficiently and responsibly, to ensure that our legal system best serves the interests of our citizens, and to help small businesses start, grow, and thrive. I appreciate being granted these opportunities by Speaker Ralston and I look forward to working closely with my colleagues in the months ahead.”

In addition to his new position as vice chairman of the Rules Committee, Rep. Harrell serves as Vice Chairman of the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight and Regulated Industries committees, Secretary of the Ways and Means Committee, as well as a member of the Transportation Committee. “I am thrilled to receive this opportunity to serve the citizens of this state and my colleagues in the General Assembly in this leadership position on the House Rules committee,” said Rep. Harrell. “I am grateful to Speaker Ralston and Chairman Meadows for allowing me to serve in this capacity.”

Note: This post has been updated to include information on Rep. Pirkle.


  1. ConservativeCause says:

    Congrats to Brett Harrell. He is a good egg.

    It is quite surprising to see Taylor Bennett get some coveted committees.

    Weren’t there other new Reps as well – how did they do? Did all the assignments get released somewhere? Is there a link?

      • ConservativeCause says:

        Perhaps. But, why would Taylor Bennett get better assignments than the new Republicans? Just seems out of place. Ralston went in big for Bennett’s opponent, J Max Davis.

        • georgiahack says:

          Well, Ralston et al don’t want RFRA, at least not Josh McKoon’s version. A seat opened on judiciary. A newly elected Democratic ex-footballer lawyer with two two moms and who ran his campaign on defeating RFRA just happens to show up. The choice was easy.

          Yes he supported J. Max, and he will support a GOP candidate when they challenge Bennett next year, but might as well have fun with it while they got ’em.

          • ConservativeCause says:

            Your theory seems plausible. Just seems petty to me – to have a Republican attorney (Jacobs) replaced with a Democratic one (Bennett) simply to make a point about RFRA. There are a lot of issues that come before that committee that you would think a Republican majority cares about.

            I’d like to believe you are wrong about Ralston.

  2. Ed says:

    “The life of every middle Georgian is directly impacted by insurance policy and the economic viability of their state”

    That wasn’t overly coached and insincere at all.

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