New House Committee Chairmen Named

The Georgia House Committee on Assignments met today to begin the process of replacing the committee chairmanships left open as a result of the six vacant seats this spring.

The following representatives were named committee chairmen:

  • Transportation:  Rep. Christian Coomer (R-Cartersville)
  • Industry & Labor:  Rep. Jason Shaw (R-Lakeland)
  • Game, Fish & Parks:  Rep. David Knight (R-Griffin)
  • MARTOC:  Rep. Tom Taylor (R-Dunwoody)
  • Small Business Development:  Rep. Bubber Epps (R-Dry Branch)
  • Special Rules:  Rep. Rick Jasperse (R-Jasper)
  • Code Revision:  Rep. Gerald Greene (R-Cuthbert)
  • Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety:  Rep. Andy Welch (R-McDonough)

Good choices or bad? You tell us in the comments.


  1. ConservativeCause says:

    A few minutes ago, there was a post from someone saying other chairmen were removed and they didn’t know the reason why. Does anyone know?

    I feel stupid asking this, but what is a Georgia House Committee on Assignments?

  2. UpHere says:

    Stephen Allison was removed as was David Casas. The first due to insolence and the former because he is never there.

  3. ConservativeCause says:

    Jasperse seems like a good choice. He carried the gun bill legislation and did a good job with it.

    Seems odd to remove chairmen in the middle of a term. Any other surprise demotions or promotions?

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