Jay Roberts leaving House for job at GDOT

alternative headline: “Shine on You Crazy Diverging Diamond”

Representative Jay Roberts, who led the charge to pass the transportation bill this year, will be making some decisions on how that money is spent. Today, Nathan Deal nominated him to become the Planning Director of the Georgia Department of Transportation. He replaces Toby Carr, who took a position with UGA’s Government Relations team in the fall of 2014.

Roberts carried a heavy load this past session in marshaling the vaunted billion dollar transportation bill through the chambers. He’ll have to get himself through the Transportation Committee of the House and the Senate to be confirmed in this position, but there’s not expected to be much opposition to his nomination.

You may think that Deal should have appointed an actual transportation planner to the position, but they had one in Todd Long (who preceded Carr) and he proved that all the planning knowledge in the world doesn’t matter that much if you don’t have any money to spend.

Now that DOT has some moolah, Roberts will continue to have a large role in determining the ways people and stuff move around our state. Congratulations to him.

Should he be confirmed, there will likely be special election to fill his House seat.


  1. Three Jack says:

    1. Win elected office, check
    2. Make backroom deal to be appointed to high paying govt job, check
    3. Pass huge tax increase to fund your govt job without worry about re-election, see #2, check
    4. Corrupt governor appoints you to high paying govt job even though no experience, check

    Y’all have a blast in Athens celebrating the ongoing joke that is Georgia run by unrepentent GOPer crooks.

    • Corvid says:

      you really shouldn’t expect so much from these guys.

      Roberts has already gained much experience with his little railroad and the trailer sales to the government. He has already been sipping at the fountain of tax funds for a long long time.

      The Governor actually had his wife sign legal docs to accept all of that porno cash from California to keep them out of financial trouble. With that and his friends at Co-Part, he really knows how to divert the flow of funds into his own trough. (He is just not as effective as Hillary & Bill)

      nothing new here folks, just the same old sideshow antics

      Still better than ol’ Roy Barnes, but not by much…

  2. habrams01 says:

    …….and Mr. Roberts has the ethics of a (fill in the blank). Likewise it pretty much confirms Mr. Deals share of the same ethical standards and lack thereof.

  3. xdog says:

    I think the first two comments are unfair. Whatever you think of the transportation funding bill, you have to give Jay Roberts great credit for his skill and persistence in shepherding it all the way through the process. Hell, he picked up a heart attack along the way. I think he’ll make an effective director of planning. He’ll certainly bring unique experience to his department’s interaction with the legislature. For one of the few times, I’m willing to give Deal credit for picking the right guy for a job.

    • peachhead says:

      You have got to be kidding me.
      I think ThreeJack has it right. Nothing Deal does surprises me anymore. This is getting more ridiculous by the day.

    • Three Jack says:

      “Whatever you think of the transportation funding bill, you have to give Jay Roberts great credit for his skill and persistence in shepherding it all the way through the process.”

      That would be like Vikings Coach Norm Van Brocklin saying of DE Jim Marshall’s famous wrong way run, “hell, he ran fast and at least he scored”. Come on xdog. The GOP is running fast in the wrong direction ignoring common sense ethics along the way. This reeks just as most Deal appointments/hirings have since he took office.

  4. BikeSmith says:

    Sweet, I would love to make 140k+ with no relevant experience at an executive level job! Sign me up to the legislature.

    Stefan’s comment about TLong/enough money/and experience is a joke. Just because GDOT has money now means they should use it without any experience or background from their planning director??

    Nothing unfair about the prior comments – Georgia ands its leaders have a slight problem with ethics 🙂

  5. seenbetrdayz says:

    I’m with Three Jack as well.

    Congrats GOP’ers who helped push this through. There’s spots on the Flint River that don’t smell this fishy.

    You’ve got the funding now to build bridges and all that jazz. Too bad the money may not actually go to that, which is why most of us opposed it in the first place.

  6. Brian B. says:

    I’ve got to borrow a statement by South Cack-a-lacka’s own, Jim Clyburn. “This one has elephant dung all over it!”

    Even if Roberts runs a tight ship at GDOT . . . And that’s saying a lot! . . . those ends wouldn’t justify the means by which he took the helm.

  7. BriscoeDarlin says:

    You boys want some cheese with your whine? Sheesh! Who would you rather the Gov had appointed? It’s his choice. To the victor goes the spoils.

  8. benevolus says:

    Y’all knew what you were getting with Deal when you voted for him. Apparently you thought the alternative was worse.
    The choices now seem to be: Do nothing, or, do something but do it wrong.

  9. analogkid says:

    I feel like this is what I get for saying something nice about Jay Roberts on the “say something nice” thread a few weeks back. On the upside, we now have our answer to the oft-asked question of why a representative from Ocilla was championing the transportation cause.

    Oh well.

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