Buddy Carter endorsed by Savannah Morning News in CD 1 Republican runoff

From the Savannah Morning News’endorsement, Buddy Carter preferred GOP pick in 1st District:

Republicans in Southeast Georgia still have some work to do.

From Monday (the first day of early voting) until the July 22 runoff, they must go to the polls for the second time this year to choose the GOP’s nominee in the race for Georgia’s 1st Congressional District seat.

Our recommendation is State Sen. Buddy Carter.

Mr. Carter, who was the top vote-getter in the crowded, six-person Republican primary on May 20, is facing Dr. Bob Johnson in the July 22 runoff.

Both men are decent, honorable people. Unfortunately, the heat of this campaign has brought out the worst in both candidates, doing a disservice to themselves and to Republicans who must make a choice.

The endorsement notes Carter’s 18 years in elected office, including as mayor of fast-growing Pooler and in the Georgia House and Senate. It also notes a variety of Carter’s conservative positions.

The editorial also questions whether, as “a Tea Party-backed candidate,” Johnson would be able “to work with Democrats.”

The piece also notes other key endorsements that Carter has received, including from sheriffs in the district and from 3rd place finisher John McCallum.

So all of this support looks like good news for Carter, who took 36.2 percent of the primary vote. That is, it looks like good news — unless it isn’t. Given the Republican mood down here along the coast, I’m really not sure how this particular race will play out in light of the “establishment vs. Tea Party” intra-party struggle.


  1. drjay says:

    i realize the winner here is a super heavy fave in november, but i have not liked the tone of either of their tv spots here recently…

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