No more head butting for Savannah aldermen

A quick followup to Tim’s post yesterday. From now on, the only head butting on Savannah City Council will be metaphorical (let’s hope). From GPB Savannah’s Facebook page:

Two Savannah Aldermen involved in a verbal scuffle during a city council meeting last week are releasing public statements that they say will be their final comments on the matter.

Council member Mary Osborne stood up during the meeting to accuse fellow councilman Tom Bordeaux – a former state representative – of calling her offensive names and trying to head-butt her. The dispute happened during a discussion of a proposed amendment to a city ordinance regarding building heights.

In his statement, Bordeaux says he was rude and that he’s sorry for his part in the exchange.

Osborne says she accepts the apology and hopes “everyone will put this incident behind them.”