The Bibb Democratic Party Has Some Problems

Fifth Bibb County Democrat Chairman in 20 months; Near Fist Fights and Public Disagreements

From Phillip Ramati at, we get the story on the internal wranglings of the Bibb County Donkeys. The latest kerfuffle appears to be spurred on by the coming consolidation between Bibb County and the City of Macon and, of course, the elections which would then result.

The timing of the election has been under study by the US Department of Justice with Democrats and the Bibb County African-American community pushing for the elections to be held in November at the time of the general elections. Other members of the community wanted the election held sooner. One of the two Democrat appointees to the local elections board, Steve Allen, sided with those wishing to have the election on the earliest possible legal date, September 17th. This vote caused some hard feelings.

At this time there seems to be more concern regarding the proper apportionment of blame than a plan for the future. This has left some members less than overjoyed.

“What disappoints me is all of the petty crap,” said former party chairman Daryl Morton, who resigned from his position in November 2011. “It’s nothing but a circular firing squad.”

And what would a story about Bibb County politics be without the controversial Elaine Lucas. Lucas dismisses any disagreements within the party – after all it was only a near fistfight.

Macon City Councilwoman Elaine Lucas, a member of the executive committee, said last week that too much is being made of the changes in leadership.

“Lots of organizations go through changes,” Lucas said, comparing the party’s changes to the U.S. president changing members of his cabinet. “This is a non-story.”

However, some former members are placing the blame for the party’s fissures at the feet of Lucas and her husband, state Sen. David Lucas, as well as some of their allies on the 24-member committee.

Democrats in Bibb County have dominated the Macon political scene for some time. We would like to also congratulate the new Bibb County Democratic Party Chairman Sandy Powell – or perhaps wishes of “good luck” might be more appropriate.

For info on the near fistfight and details of the disagreements, here is the story.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    This is why I was so in favor of non-partisan elections for Bibb County.

    The politics of local governments are very far removed from those of the state and federal government that it is silly to be so closely aligned in the first place. Also, non-partisan elections allow the reasonable people of Bibb county to unite around candidates who are looking to move the city/county forward instead of perpetuating the old-style petty political bickering that leads us back to the status quo. We’ve had enough animus and failure, let’s try something else.

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