Georgia Southern, Georgia Eagle Media Near Legal Settlement

– Company co-owned by Georgia State Senator Cecil Staton threatened a counter-suit –

Macon’s WMAZ Channel 13 reports that the attorneys representing Georgia Southern University and Georgia Eagle Media are near a settlement in their dispute. Georgia Southern attorney Maura Copeland states that it is the university’s position that the media company, co-owned by Georgia State Senator Cecil Staton, still owes approximately $53,000 for broadcast rights.

In the story by Lorra Lynch Jones, it is reported that the two parties did reach two conclusions:

One, Georgia Eagle Media will pay Georgia Southern University $15,000 in cash. That’s less than a third of the money the school still contends the company owes for breach of contract.

Two, Georgia Southern will offer Georgia Eagle Media the opportunity to be a network affiliate for the 2013-2014 athletic season. Georgia Eagle owns all the radio stations in Statesboro, and that agreement will allow the university to broadcast its games locally.

Staton, the majority whip in the Georgia Senate, is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and the Charman of the Subcommittee on Higher Education. The committee Staton chairs makes recommendations on laws and spending for public institutions of higher learning within the state.

Staton has made it clear in correspondence that he is not personally responsible for debts incurred by Georgia Eagle Broadcasting. WMAZ, through open records request, has obtained several interesting communiques related to the dispute.

Georgia Southern attorney Copeland stated that the decision to reach a settlement was a wiser use of state resources than pursuing a court verdict for the full amount sought. This decision would presumably include the potential costs of litigating a counter-suit by Georgia Eagle Media’s attorneys.

Watch the video here.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Taking on powerful politicians has been a bad idea in Georgia, just ask a bank or two, and when they own a few pieces of the local media….move on.
    Term limits would limit these dramas.

    • saltycracker says:

      Understand the post indicates this is not Staton’s mess but his company’s but it reflects on him.

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