Worse Than Jimmy Carter? Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Bridget had this in Thursday’s Morning Reads, but I felt obliged to discuss it farther. I was already catching grief from out-of-state Tweeps about Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and I had blissfully never heard of the thing. At this point I should note that before insulting anyone about Jersey Shore, Georgians will want to see this.

When Georgia is being insulted on Twitter by the great unwashed masses from South Carolina and Alabama because of a reality TV show, I had to see what it was about. “It” was Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, a TLC Channel show based on the lives of a kiddie pageant-addicted family from McIntyre.

If you rubber neck at bloody car wrecks, you should check out the videos on the link above. Really.

Apparently 6-year old Alanna, aka Honey Boo Boo, is a reality TV star. The child has a winning personality, best expressed when she addresses the camera one on one. She is smart, funny and very personable. She has the outgoing kind of personality we like to see in children; children that belong to other people – other unrelated people – who live far, far away.

At times it’s almost as though the late great Gilda Radner’s Judy Miller character from SNL brought to life – if Judy Miller was from McIntyre and uttered lines like, “It’s been a while since I done had road kill in my belly.”

Just as Jimmy Carter is losing his title as “Worst US President in History”, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo may our next most embarrassing moment. That, and an apparent lack of seriousness about ethics reform in our state government.

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  1. David C says:

    Jimmy Carter as worst President in US History? Any office that includes James Buchanan and Warren G Harding on its roles has that title well taken. To pretend that either Carter or Obama sink to their ignomy is nothing but the rantings of a blind partisan. Heck, Carter’s not even the worst of that (admittedly less than glorious) decade. For all his talents and diplomatic accomplishments, the complete and utter criminality Nixon brought to the Presidency and the deep and everlasting stain he left on the government of the United States puts him below Carter’s screwups.

    • Ken says:

      Watergate break-in and all I’d take Nixon over Carter. That even includes Nixon’s stupid foray into Keynesian-type price controls. I lived through both of those guys and Carter was clearly the worst.

      Carter didn’t only commit simple “screwups”. A “screwup” is overbooking the White House tennis courts. A “screwup” is constantly mispronouncing the word “nuclear”.

      Outing our CIA assets in the Middle East and leaving them to be murdered, giving the Panama Canal to a country without the resources to maintain or protect it, following only Gerald Ford in the tuck-your-tail-between-your-legs-when-the-USSR-is-around contest, the highest Misery Index behind only the Great Depression, creating more government agencies and regulations when he had promised to reduce both and GUTTING the US Military so that we would not have had the ability to fight a major war are beyond “screwups”.

      Yes, even Warren Gamaliel Harding was better than President Jimmy ‘Malaise’ Carter. Harding was likely a crook, but unemployment dropped 50% under his administration. Harding supported suffrage for women, anti-lynching laws and actively worked to prevent a repeat of WWI.

      No one died because of the Watergate Burglary. You can’t say that for Fast and Furious, can you? And before we’re through, I believe the cover-up under President Obama will have been worse and more politically predatory than under President Nixon. We already know that Attorney General Holder – at the very least – supplied information to Congress that was neither truthful nor accurate.

          • griftdrift says:

            Ken. The Books of Carter and Reagan have been chiseled in stone into the modern GOP canon. I don’t care to retread it for the 100th time.

            But I’ll say this.

            You forgot to mention how he raised taxes.

            • Ken says:

              OK grift,

              You’re absolutely right. Buy you a beer at the next PPRS? We can talk about – as Monty Python might say – something completely different.

              BTW, from a long time ago: Gerald Ford’s administration saw more countries fall into the Soviet sphere of influence than did Jimmy Carter’s. You were right.

          • Max Power says:

            Ken by any objective standard Carter is not nearly the worst president in US history. In fact he should be a tea party hero as he was overtly Christian and kept spending under control. When Carter left office the national debt was less than 1 trillion dollars and just 33% of GDP, 8 years later Reagan had tripled the debt and it stood at 52% of GDP.

            • Three Jack says:

              “8 years later Reagan had tripled the debt and it stood at 52% of GDP.”

              As a result, we had a very robust economy, rebuilt military (shambles when Reagan took office) and tax rates had been lowered to a somewhat reasonable level.

              Carter failed domestically and internationally. Was he the worst ever? Maybe not, but certainly an abject failure and the worst of the past half century.

              • Max Power says:

                So I take it you’re in favor of deficit spending to spur economic growth because Reagan’s economy was built on borrowed money.

            • Ken says:

              This would be the wrong thread for that and it’s my fault for the President Carter reference in the headline. Having said that, please remember that the Tea Party movement was fundamentally about economic issues.

              So, have you watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?

      • David C says:

        Oh, please. Harding was awful both in the immense personal corruption that surrounded his Administration and the fact that his broader policies, of disengagement from Europe and the League of Nations and a return to Gilded Age economics, directly led to the Depression and World War II.

        And if you’re seriously comparing the Obama Administration to Watergate (and the broader Nixon scandals, like the secret bombing of Cambodia that helped lead to the Khmer Rouge genocide), you really don’t know Watergate in the slightest. Fast and Furious will be worse than Watergate? On what planet? Wake me when Obama fires the top two men at the Justice Department do stop an independent investigation. Or when he directs the CIA to obstruct the FBI investigation of his misdeeds. Or has his “plumbers” break into a psychiatrists office to ‘dig up dirt’ on his opponents. Or has two Attorneys General and most of his senior staff convicted of breaking the law. Or has his staff propose firebombing a Washington think tank. Or ordered the IRS to audit the head of the RNC. Or ordered the IRS to stop investigating one of his own top donors. Or authorized secret wiretaps of his political opponents. The sheer criminality Nixon brought to the American Presidency completely discredits any good he may have done in office, and it’s a crying shame that someone so gifted in so many ways had so very little moral compass that he nearly destroyed the Office of the Presidency.

        As to Carter, really, you’re bringing up the Canal Treaty? Have you missed that big renovation and expansion of the Canal that Panama is up to, the one that’s got everyone working to try and deepen and expand the Port of Savannah and others on the Eastern Seaboard? Sure looks like they can maintain it to me. He also started the covert fightback in Afghanistan and military buildup that Reagan continued, post-1979. To pretend that Carter somehow “gutted” the military when he instead provided it four years to rest and rebuild after a decade of it getting chewed up under LBJ-Nixon in Vietnam is to rewrite history, something that seems common here.

        More importantly, and Gerald Ford and his farsighted negotiation of the Helsinki Final Act deserve a lot of credit, Carter played an important role in midwifing the dissident movements in Eastern Europe that would bring the wall down in 1989. Embracing the language of human rights and following on Ford’s progress (the Act, signed by the governments of Eastern Europe, committed them to standards of Human Rights that their citizens immediately, through dissident groups like Czechoslovakia’s Vaclav Havel led Charter 77 and Moscow’s Helsinki Group, began to hold them to) provided a language and manifesto for the emerging dissident movements of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

        On the economy, while it was failing in 1980, Carter at least deserves credit for appointing Paul Volcker to head the Fed, where his commitment to enforcing incredibly high interest rates in 1981-82 finally whipped Inflation once and for all (admittedly at the price of the Worse Recession since World War II, with double digit unemployment). It was Carter’s Fed Chairman, more than anything in Reagan’s 1981 Budget, that finally whipped “malaise” and stagflation.

        I’m not going to sit here and say Carter was perfect; he wasn’t, and his administration wasn’t one of the best, though it did have its successes to go along with its failures. But it doesn’t rise to the heights of Nixon’s complete and total criminality, Harding’s toxic blend of rampant cronyism, corruption, and the long term catastrophic results of his agenda, or Buchanan sitting idly by while the country literally came apart (and allowing his Secretary of War to commit treason in arming the Confederates on his watch). It just doesn’t. Though I obviously come at it from a different political perspective, I didn’t feel the previous administration (which, by the way, began the gunrunning operations that led to Fast and Furious) didn’t sink beyond these three either. To pretend that “OMG, Carter/Obama/Bush’s the worst y’all” is to demonstrate the historical knowledge of a 10 year old and the emotional maturity of his younger sibling.

  2. Rick Day says:

    I bet you $1000 to your favorite charity that they vote Straight GOP.

    I DARE you to take that bet. My favorite charity would love to take your donation.

  3. Rick Day says:

    oh and

    Carter > Hoover

    And at least he could read his own Daily Briefings without some intelligence officer assisting with ‘big words’ (guess who?)

  4. Self_Made says:

    “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” coupled with “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” is proof that we’re all in this together…they want to eat us all.

  5. Scott65 says:

    I have happily never been tempted to watch this show…but I know many people who find it addictive in a sick kinda way…like the freeway wreck you just have to slow down and really stare at. The name alone would tell me all I need to know, and to avoid it at all costs…and I love reading how these threads evolve…from Honey Boo Boo to Warren G Harding…you aint gonna find that anywhere but PP…lol

    • Ken says:

      I’m waiting for the thread that (of its own nature) goes from Georgia politics to college football to C. S. Lewis to futurists to Dr. Who to Austrian School economics to Graham Hancock to Shoeless Joe Jackson to Van Morrison and the Allman Brothers Band to the literature of John LesCroart. Of course, I’m relatively easy to please . . .

      • Scott65 says:

        insert from Allman Brothers to Cher (she was married to one of them) to gay marriage to the writing of John LesCroart…now that’s a thread!

  6. Ken says:

    Frighteningly, Honey Boo Boo was mentioned twice today on College Game Day. More reassuringly her Georgia roots were not mentioned.

  7. Technocrat says:

    A Native Georgian turned Republican with living forays to NYC, Phily, LA, DC, and South America unfortunately I was saddled with CARTER as a middle name. Trying living with that one.

  8. AMB says:

    There’s two reasons to stop listening to someone: The first is any writer with a funny mis-spelling of Mr. Obama’s name ie Obummer. The second is anyone who does not appreciate the greatness and the humanity of Mr. Carter.

    • Trey A. says:

      Like Obama, Carter was not very good at working with Congress–he was too earnest and he brought in too many outsiders to “fix” Washington. Post Watergate, that’s what America wanted. But Carter couldn’t get along with the powers in Congress and he even had his own party turning against him.

      Still, Carter had some noteworthy accomplishments. I’m 100% with AMB. Carter was not the greatest president–not by a long shot. But he certainly is one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) man we’ve ever elected president. And he is the best former president we’ve ever had. We need our politicians to be politicians–not genuine and honest people.

      Only president elected from my state, only president who went to my college. An incredible man and an under-appreciated American hero.

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