Fair Warning to GA GOP ’13 Candidates

Next February, the process to elect precinct, county, district, and state delegates and GOP officials will begin. Mass precinct meetings in large counties begin in February. In March smaller counties have their mass precinct meetings and all counties have their county conventions. April brings district conventions and the GAGOP state convention will be in May.

Every two years, Republican party officials are elected from the bottom up beginning with the precincts and ending with state party officials. This is as “grassroots” as any political process anywhere. Traditionally, this has been a mostly amicable process. It won’t be that way in 2013.

Rule 12 and the desire to hand control of national delegates to candidates and the national party changed all of that. There are other factions fighting within the GOP, but grassroot Republicans of all leanings will oppose the nationalization of local and state decisions.

The infamous Rule 12, allowing rule changes between conventions, is the spear point; but the real thrust is coming from the drive to turn actual delegate selection over to the presidential candidates. This is a perversion of the process.

Those same Georgia delegates also represent me and I don’t want them given away – effectively disenfranchising me – to any candidate.

Georgia’s delegates are already bound for the first two ballots to the candidate for whom they are elected as delegates, but the delegates do not represent those candidates. The delegates represent the congressional district from which they are elected or the state of Georgia, NOT a particular candidate.

Mitt Romney has delegates that represent him. They live in Massachusetts. Rick Santorum has delegates that represent him. They live in Pennsylvania. Ron Paul and Rick Perry have delegates that represent them. They live in Texas. Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich have delegates that represent them. They live in Georgia. Those same Georgia delegates also represent me and I don’t want them given away – effectively disenfranchising me – to any candidate.

So, candidates for office within the GOP, if you support the nationalization of the delegate process then I will not support you. I will support those who favor keeping our right to representation.

I suggest you remember the reaction to Governor Deal when it was widely interpreted that he was attempting to influence the state party chairman’s election. You will need the votes of those people who booed the governor.

Choose wisely and rest assured the members of the Georgia Republican Party shall do the same.


  1. Justin Tomczak says:

    “Traditionally, this has been a mostly amicable process.”

    Run for party office and see if you still feel that way! 🙂

    (And yes I do support keeping our right to representation.)

    • Ken says:


      I guess it depends on your definition of “amicable”. No blood = amicable. 😉

      BTW, I’ve held party offices from County First Vice-Chair to Congressional District Chairman and pretty much everything in-between. I’m currently the GA-8 First Vice-Chairman.

      One of us should get out more; I think that’s probably me.

      And I’m very happy that you oppose surrendering our right to be represented.

  2. benevolus says:

    OK here’s my question: Those delegates are “bound” on the first two ballots, but what binds them? What happens if they stray?

    • Ken says:


      To the best of my understanding, they are bound by oath. I know of no mechanism for punishing delegates who dishonor their own word other than the reaction of the political process in future elections.

  3. Jimmie says:

    The only thing that matters is who the County Committees and leaders want to allow on the Delegate List. The B.S. starts there. It should be interesting to see how the GA Tea Parties react to this one. The RP crowd came out in large numbers with intentions of becoming delegates who vote for Newt Gingrich, NOT Mitt Romney. The farce had already started by then, as Mitt was being shoved down everyone’s throat. So, it was ok to vote for Newt or Mitt, but not ok to vote for Paul or Santorum, should the delegate choose to do so. The whole delegate process is nonsense. From the County all the way to the National. We saw first hand in Tampa, what the Party Puppet Masters will do to remain in complete control.
    I still look forward to our overwhelming presence at the Mass Precinct Meetings again. We will play by the rules. Let’s see if the GOP has any ethics remaining after what they pulled in Tampa.

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