1. Andre says:

    In the video posted above, it was reported that Glenn Richardson had an audience with the Governor, where the question was asked if the former Speaker could handle the person toll a return to politics would take on him.

    Richardson’s affair with the AGL lobbyist; Richardson’s hawks; Richardson’s temper, when he got agitated while wielding the Speaker’s gavel; all of that is fair game, and political consultants are sitting around right now trying to come up with the best way to spin Richardson’s failings into a winning strategy for their clients.

    I’m not sure why Glenn Richardson would return to politics, except that maybe he is addicted.

    We all have our vices, after all.

    • Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

      Apparently the shoe models at his current location are not nearly as interesting as the ones at the capitol. Sorry ladies, you’ll need to get out those big girl pumps and short skirts again, Glen’s a coming back. I’d love to her Jill Chambers on that topic.

      On another note, just exactly how does he navigate the murky waters of his relationship with Will the Winner, the Lt Gov and the current speaker? Lawdy, it’s cringe inducing fodder. Y’all could sell tickets to that first meeting and make a fortune.

  2. Trey A. says:

    This is sort of like Roger Clemens pitching in the minor leagues in Texas and Evander Holyfield scheduling another heavyweight fight…Maybe Cynthia McKinney will move to the district to oppose him.

    But then again, Walking Small just got elected sheriff again… I guess anything can happen.

  3. Ken says:

    “I, I’m, I’m going to run. I’m, I’m, I’m going to offer myself and ask the people to give me a second chance.”

    Sadly, the topic is not human sacrifice.

    It’s NOT the depression, it’s NOT the messy divorce and threats to use his power as Speaker to hunt down his now-ex wife.

    It’s the despicable, vindictive, immature behavior as a leader.

    It’s the $300 million dollars of our money he attempted to give to Atlanta Gas Light when the state was BROKE – while he was sleeping with an Atlanta Gas Light lobbyist.

    It’s the successful attempts to use the “Hawks” to circumvent the intent of law to gather power for himself and to block the will of the duly elected representatives of the people.

    For his sake, I certainly hope he invested heavily in Don Balfour http://www.peachpundit.com/2012/08/27/don-balfour-wants-you-to-invest-in-him/

  4. Rick Day says:

    Why of COURSE he will run. And win. Because that is the base of voters you all keep apologizing for when discussing rational solutions to real problems.

    Why will he win? Because:

    1. God
    2. Abortion
    3. Obama
    4. the IQ of your base

  5. oompaloompa says:

    So Richardson can get an audience with the Gov but Ogeechee disaster property owners can’t. That’s just awesome. Just awesome.

    NO Richardson, NO Deal! UNRealDeal

  6. Will Durant says:

    I know he’s trying to portray that he no longer suffers from depression but I would have advised some tears along with a plaintive “I Have Sinnnnnnned” a la Jimmy Swaggart. I remember reading in the late 90’s that Jimmy was still bringing in $10-12 million after being caught with the second wanton harlot that required his special ministering.

    The Republicans should just tell him that to err is human, we choose to forgive and decline.

  7. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    One word, two syllables: AWE-SOME! Not for governing, of course, but just for the sheer intrigue that the prospect of ex-Speaker Richardson possibly returning to politics by way of the Senate (a body in which Richardson often openly fought with as House Speaker) brings to a governing entity in the Georgia Legislature that has been infinitely much more entertaining than they have been effective, competent, rational or functional in recent years.

  8. Howard Roark says:

    I will wager that house members will rally financially around any candidate but Richardson.

    It will be interesting to see what consulting group will work for GR.

  9. saltycracker says:

    By modified wiki definition:

    A dysfunctional legislature is a body in which conflict, misbehavior, and often constituent neglect or abuse on the part of individual legislators occur continually and regularly, leading other members to accommodate such actions.

  10. UpHere says:

    Oh, come on people! Having Richardson berating Cagle from the floor. You can’t buy that kind of entertainment!

  11. cheapseats says:

    Makes me a little bit sad to see that there is yet another human being out there without a single true friend. No true friend would let this “Hammer-wanna-be” back into politics.

  12. Will Durant says:

    I guess never say never in politics and it is still August. Hembree could still get caught with a dead girl or live boy. Or publicly say legitimate rape.

    I’m beginning to wonder if there isn’t something else in play here and Richardson is just wanting to keep the name recognition percentages up. The historian in me remembers the local Atlanta media giving Lester all kinds of air time thinking they were making him out as a buffoon. That didn’t quite work out like they thought it would.

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