Liberty Media CEO Donates to Conservatives

The President and CEO of Liberty Media, Gregory Maffei, is the largest sports owner/principal donor to politicians and political causes. Liberty Media is, of course, the owner of our beloved Atlanta Braves. This story from The Atlanta-Journal Constitution states, in part, of Maffei:

He’s giving it to political candidates. One report states that the Braves boss is actually the top political donor among sports franchise owners.

According to a story from WNYC, “The most generous single owner was Gregory Maffei of the Atlanta Braves, who dished $157,500 to Mitt Romney, American Crossroads, Restore Our Future, and the National Republican Congressional Committee.”

While the story leaves the impression that Maffei gives only to conservatives, such as Jim DeMint, this is not true. A quick glance at the FEC website individual donations page (01/01/2009 through 08/01/2012) shows that he has also given money to Democrats Ken Salazar and Michael Bennett as well as moderate Republicans.

While there are those who are upset with Maffei for making investments in the political field rather than in center field (RE-SIGN MICHAEL BOURN!), remember that it’s Maffei’s money. Despite the fervent wishes of many on the left, we still have property rights in this country. Besides, what’s really America’s pastime, baseball or politics?


  1. Ken says:

    The story also breaks down political donations by sports league. I wonder if minor league sports franchise owners also donate heavily to political candidates and causes.

  2. Stefan says:

    Regardless of any of that, I wish Ted Turner still owned the Braves.

    According to Forbes, this guy owns a ridiculous amount of Barnes & Noble stock, so decision making might not be this thing.

  3. Technocrat says:

    Not sure they are even close to Conservative compared to the TCI predecessor [ pre Malone] of Liberty I worked for in the early 70’s . Ted was a trip as was his kinda opposite Brian Roberts [close friend of Obama] chairman of Comcast. Right Left politics, in the end Money rules.

  4. Trey A. says: has info up on where NBA players, coaches, managers and owners are sending their political donations. So far it’s a pretty even split money-wise, but no player nor coach has given to the Romney campaign (all owners and management). Our very own Larry Drew shelled out $5,000 for Obama. And the single biggest donor on the list? Mr. Michael Gearon Jr. himself: $15,000 to Romney. Not sure how I feel about that…The most hated rich guy in Atlanta is a big Romney backer. At least Gearon brought in Danny Ferry. Maybe he’s turning a corner.

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