Peach Madness

Biting your nails until the exit polls get released?  Play Peach Madness.  Here’s how it works – for each Republican Congressional district (plus the 14th) pick the winner – and for each one you pick right you get 2 points but you get 4 points if the person you picked wins the CD but not statewide (so basically if you pick a non-Gingrich winner who wins you get 4, you pick Newt and he wins you get 2).

Then there is one final multiple choice – 2nd place statewide. Choose wisely.  Finally, you get extra points for nailing the following: Romney % in Cobb (Gingrich’s most recent home base), Santorum % in DeKalb (Democratic crossover alert?) and the total number of Gingrich delegates.  The link spells out exactly how it’s scored for these but basically if you nail it you get 10 points for each one, if you’re close you get 5 and if you’re far off but not a total loser you get 1.  Not sure what the maximum number of points are available, since it depends on who wins and who wins where but I will post the winners maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

There’s no actual prize – just bragging rights.  Here’s where you fill it out:

Google Doc Form Peach Madness

Happy forming!


  1. SallyForth says:

    Well, drat! I missed the deadline too. But this sounds pretty complicated, Chris – you numbers geek. 🙂 Isn’t there some kind of shots game we can play?

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