Would You Like Some Eggs With Your Issues?

The annual “Eggs and Issues” breakfast sponsored by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce will be held tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 7:30am at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Because it was delayed by the ice storm of inaugural week, the Eggs and Issues is now being held on the same day as the State of the Union.  Thus, the day will begin with the issues of the State, and end with the issues of the Nation.

The Eggs and Issues is usually significant because it features the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker with presentations, and usually is a major tipoff to legislative strategy and goals for the session.  I’m glad to see that the Lt. Governor will represent the Senate again this year, as listening to the priorities of all 8 members of the Committee On Assignments would be quite lengthy, and would re-define the “issues” that are supposed to be highlighted at this event.

If getting up early and heading downtown on a winter Tuesday morning sounds like you’re idea of fun, there are still tickets floating around.  Just call someone that works for one of the larger businesses in town and ask them if they have extra tickets, because you have issues.